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Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

My Mistake...

Okay, first of all, I made a horrible mistake in my blog entry yesterday:
I'm of course staying with Bob and Jenna's grandparents on Tanya's side of the family.
My fault, entirely. I got it mixed up 'cos I think of them as the grandparents due to Bob and Jenna, but wanted to get across that it's on Tanya's side of the family...
Well, one thing at a time, but I fixed it already :)

Okay, today was pretty lame - Mr Derksen was gone (it's his birthday), Mr Kruger let us work on the male reproductive system study guide (which I already completed yesterday), and Spanish and Japanese were only more exercises, so nothing too great.

The Japanese quiz went well, I think, but I won't say anymore - I also thought Biology went really well, and see where that got me!

But I managed to finish my Journalism article, and I guess I'll take another look at Bio before I go to bed. I didn't write the test today, I was so rattled from moving you can't even imagine! I'm taking it on Friday (finally), but at least I am not the last one taking it. (And according to Spencer Mr Kruger likes me asking more questions... ?)

I'm missing my hostfamily, though. I mean, Sandra and Gordo are nice, no question, but I'm kinda missing Bob and Jenna and Tanya and Andy anyway... :/
Well, but I'm gonna enjoy the two weeks on my own anyway! :D

Love y'all,


1 Kommentar:

  1. Schon wieder Veränderungen - Aber die Zeit vergeht so schnell, wirst sehen. Und die Großeltern werden es Dir schon nicht krumm nehmen mit der "Altersangabe", hoffe ich ;)
    Hugs and kisses aus dem verschneiten Minikin ♥


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