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Samstag, 12. Januar 2013

Rockets Friday

Okay, today was pretty good - I got my grade from Spanish back, for my presentation I got 40/40, with very little effort, in Japanese I got 14/14 with moderate effort, in Biology I had left my notes at home and just ended up reading and in English I ... guess what, ended up reading!
No, seriously, I had handed my essay in the day before, so I was "good to go" and simply read, as the rest of the class (except for a very few others, but I had really thought we had to hand it in yesterday!) was still working on the essays... and then we started watching Sharkshank, a movie based on a Steven King novel which I will be apparently reading - Mr Derksen recommended it to me, and we ended up talking about narrative perspectives, literary devices (how much artistic license can you take with a "non-fictionous" text?), his book and a few other things, and I really love such conversations, because they make me think, they make me re-evaluate what I thought, and that is the best thing ever.

I didn't do much else - I played Rummy and then I went to see the Rockets.
And that was pretty awesome - I mean, they were really bad, at the beginning, and the Tri-City guys were definitely hotter than the Rockets (seriously, we had a pretty good view from the third row), and they got the lead with 2-nothing, but then Kelowna caught their bearings and defeated them 6-3.
And in the first period it seemed like a pretty tame game, not a single penalty, only to have 5 minutes for fighting and twice 2 minutes for slashing and roughing respectively at the same time and I think another 2 minute penalty and a game misconduct for one of the guys, and in the third period two guys got to it at center ice and ended up getting 5 for fighting each, looking absolutely not remorseful, and one Rocket got 2 minuted because he went flying over a Tri-City's back (seriously, he left the ground and just ... flew) and one of the Rockets took up speed, aiming to check one of the Tri-Citys into the boards, but the guy evaded him and he basically checked himself into it, lying on the ground before limping off - I think he caught an edge and slammed into the boards.

And one of the Tri-City players ... I don't know what exactly happened, I think there was a fight over the puck or something like this, but he was lying on the ground on the other side of the rink, and while the game continued he didn't move except for his arms, so the game was stopped and everybody went dead silent and we just watched as the Trainer pr medical person or whatever skated onto the ice and talked to him, and then he sat up and finally stood up, skating to the bench (and it looked better than the Kelowna guy, who couldn't put any weight on his left food), and everybody started clapping and I thought that was really awesome, because it was a visitor, but everybody seemed genuinely happy that he was back on his feet...
And one of the Tri-City guys was named second star of the game (an honor for the best player) and everybody cheered for him just as much as for the third star, Kelowna's goalie (who attends my school, I think).

Yes, and that was it. The game picked up speed towards the end, and during the first intermission, the pee-wees, or however the first age group is called, played on the ice, and it was seriously cute and everybody cheered for them, too.

And we sung the American and Canadian National Anthems, because Tri-City Americans are from... make an educated guess: The US! And national Anthems are taken very seriously here.

I'm going to bed now!

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  1. Du hast Deine Aufgaben wieder mal perfekt erledigt - just in time! Well done! ♥


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