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Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013


Yep, so today - or technically, yesterday, I wrote my Biology test, running on about 5 hours of sleep.
I know I said I would go to bed early, and I honestly did, but I just couldn't fall asleep.

Bio took me - including walking to and from the school - 35 mintues.
And for that I woke up at 7:35. Wow.

I don't know how it went, I was a bit unsure about some of the questions, but I answered everything to the best of my abilities - and there was only multiple choice, no short answer questions :D
Now I'm truly done with Semester 1!

Other than that, I lost horribly in Scrabble (I honestly don't like that game, neither in German nor in English) and then watched the Blackhawks lose in a shootout.
But at least Captain Toews scored :)
And they're still undefeated in regulation! I'm just crossing my fingers that the Sharks will lose their next game :) I'm not even sorry, I don't like them.

And then I got somehow roped into writing something again... I was just idly browsing tumblr, when suddenly WHAM!! inspiration struck. And I have already 1,700 words, and I hope I can finish that tomorrow :D

Love y'all,



  1. Hallo Maus
    - WHAM!! inspiration struck. And I have already 1,700 words -

    Vom "Wasserfall" zur "Schreibmaschine" - geile Entwicklung - aber bleib dran.
    Mr. Crazy

  2. Are you having a break between the semesters ?
    In case you are - best wishes for having fun, watching hockey fights etc.
    Take care,


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