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Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Keyed up

I'm all weirdly keyed up - hungry but too full from dinner still, tired but my mind is running too fast, bored and not wanting to do anything.

I hate days like this. Or evenings like this.
The day wasn't even so bad, actually...

But first, I wanted to say thank you to everybody reading this blog. You guys "killed" the 4000 yesterday - now there have been more than 4000 clicks in January.
Thank you so much, this is a new record!
(The last 'high-score' was November with 3,689 clicks.)

And I would like you to know: We have reached exactly half-time. Not until I'm coming home, that isn't until another week, but until school is out. School officially ends on 06/28, and that's exactly 150 days from today.
And school officially started 09/01, which is exactly 150 days from today.

Actually, my half-time was already a few days ago, because school didn't start until the 09/04 because of a holiday (labour day) and will end already on 06/27, because the de-facto last day is only for teachers and administrators.
But who cares?

So, back to my day:
I was at Dorothea's from 9.30 to 4.30, might have converted her to hockey, just as I converted her to Sherlock (muahahah), had yummi roast pork for dinner and a pretty relaxed evening...
And then the Rockets lost against Kamloops in overtime, and the Canucks lost, too. Not that I am a Canucks fan or anything, but Vancouver? I am geographically forced to root for them over the L.A. Kings.
Although the Canucks have a longstanding rivalry with the Blackhawks... And the Kings have two players I think are pretty cool...

I also watched like two minutes of the Cariolina Hurricanes - Boston Bruins game, and what can I say? It was really disappointing. I like hockey, as I have mentioned, because of the speed, grace and fluidity. And none of this was present in that game.
Passes didn't connect en masse, there were unnecessary turn-overs, then Eric Staal, the Captain, took an unnecessary penalty, the Bruins scored and Jeff-always-smiling-Skinner engaged an opposing player in a fight. Nobody knows why, but he seemed pretty enraged. Since there were 7 seconds left in the period, they were both sent from the ice...

I'm so looking forward to the next Hawks game, although it's probably gonna kill me. I'm expecting it to be very enthralling, because I really want them to do well.

And I'm not just rooting for them because they're so good at the moment. No, I was a fan even before this lockout started, and they had two not-so-stellar seasons after winning the Stanley Cup. So. Duh.

Have a good night!

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