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Montag, 21. Januar 2013


Yay, finally, the final sprint! Two days left, and hen END OF SEMESTER ONE! (Okay, first of course finals, but ... hey :) )

Since I don't have anything better to tell you, have a (horribly detailed) run-down of my day:

So, I went to bed yesterday early for me at half past eleven, but since it was really warm in my room I had to air it for half an hour before I could sleep, which resulted in me being a) tired and b) cold in the morning (but at least I could fall asleep).
I woke at 7:35 a.m. because I hadn't yet made my lunch, lay in bed for five more minutes, got dressed and headed into the kitchen. I fixed up my cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios!), had a glass of milk and made my lunch, a simple chicken wrap (chicken from yesterday's dinner + salad & mayonnaise), which I then packed into my backpack.
I left the house at 8:40 a.m. and walked my eight minutes to school, which of course made me a bit early (but only by a tad more than 5 minutes), went to my Japanese class room, took off my shoes (we have to do that; it's a Japanese custom), unstacked the chairs into a half circle and talked to the teacher for a moment (on my test the teaching assistant had subtracted a whole point instead of half a point >.< ... no, joking, but I doubt I'm gonna do so well on the final, so I need to get my grade up now!) and then the other students started trickeling in. Especially in Japanese we always have late-runners, so we always wait a bit longer than usual.
We repeated the verbs we'd learned, learned a few new ones and reviewed how to say whether we liked things (or didn't like them). And then we grabbed clipboards and scrap-paper and 'interviewed' our classmates about their like and dislikes. I can now say I like something and write it in Kanji!
We finished "Kamikaze Girls", the movie we'd been watching, and Sensei totally forgot about the exam we were supposed to write :) So we're writing it tomorrow... And I still owe him one more quiz - I guess I have to take it either Wednesday or Thursday after school (Wednesday lunch Mr Derksen and I will go over my essay, because my flow was so bad in the one I handed in - compared to my usual ones, not the rest of class (: ).
After Japanese I had Spanish (Block Order 21-43), so I went and looked over the vocab we had to learn. The test wasn't hard, and I begged off after completing it, so I don't really know how it'll turn out - and I'm cautious about predicting, because there were a few instances where I wasn't sure what to chose ... But I begged off and went to Journalism to finish my Editor's note on the Lockout article I'd written.

Since that didn't take as long as I'd expected and I had all my stuff with me, I just hung out with them (the Journalism inside-the-timetable-students were working) and read until the bell rang. Then I only shifted my reading to Mr D's room and had my lunch there.
Lolu came by (once again) and we chatted for a bit, and then Mr D and I also talked for a bit, but mostly I was reading (and trying to convince myself to learn Biology. I didn't succeed). Class started and what did we do? A spell check.

It was 25 words - we handed them in, so I don't remember all of them, but here are those I do remember (I didn't try to memorize them or anything)

broccoli, raspberry, liquefy, putrefy, separate, acquaintance, disappear, chauvinism, ukulele, seize, deceive, peninsula, commemorate, criticize, ... and I can't think of any more words. But hey, 14/25 isn't so bad :)
But anyway, I only had three mistakes - tying with three other students as best of the class. Me, as in the exchange student!

Then we went on to review the terminology we've learned this past semester and worked on worksheets about it...
And then there was Biology. We only had study time, with the laptops, and I finally started to study. Because IT'S ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL I HAVE TO WRITE THIS FINAL!!!
And I really want to prove myself. Especially since I can't pretend I don't understand enough English to do so. Failure in the exam would be failure on my part alone. And I can't have that.

I went to see Mr Kletke after Biology, because on the handout for the SF trip was a date, but no time for the parent teacher meeting. Duh. I got the time, and went home. Pretty unhurriedly, but it's not as though I had anything to do :)
And then... I read a bit, chatted a bit with Doro, and caught some snippets from "The Biggest Loser", "Dragons' Den" (you have to convince the jury to become your business partner), "The Bachelor" and the news in between studying. And yes, those programs are exactly the same as in Germany.

And now I'm slowly headed for bed...
If anybody want to see the monstrosity I have in wait for me in Biology, click this link. It's an old provincial exam.

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