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Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013


Okay, it's not so urgent anymore, but when I left school today, I felt like I was two minutes away from a meltdown.
Outwards signs? I get really quiet and when I speak, my voice is very controlled and even, almost monotonous. And I tend to speak very ... deliberately, but hardly able to stop.
Happened today after Journalism, when I left the building at 7 o'clock, realizing that nope, I hadn't learnt anything for Biology tomorrow, for the biggest test yet ...
At least I like Neuroscience... but in this sense it is really ironic that I should get my worst result on the topic I like best ... But hey, I can still take one retest, and if this is as anything but an A, I am going to take the test again.

I'm feeling pretty good right now, though, and I have even already started learning!
But I'm pretty good at cramming knowledge into my head. It's not ideal - far from it, actually -, but it's gotta do. Because I don't want to fail that test tomorrow.

Well, actually, I'm pretty relaxed right now. Because I still have that "Joker", that one retest at the end of the year. And since I anyway have to learn for the final, I can learn for the re-test, too, no matter what topic it'll be on.

Only problem? I can't find my study-guide answers. Solution? Answer them again!
I will actually do that, this weekend. I fully intend to, at least.
And I have made a new deal with myself: Every time I go on tumblr instead of studying, or write an e-mail instead of studying, etc. I have to do ten push-ups. By the time finals are over I will have done more than a thousand, I'm pretty sure (alone this evening I have already done 50, so duh.). But at least it's better than me eating frustration chocolate.

I really miss my hostfamily, though. Have I mentioned that? Yesterday probably.
I'm gonna enjoy my time off, though :)

Anything else...? Oh, yeah, we got that Spanish Booklet back that we had to hand in right after the holidays. I have an unbelievable 100% on it, which I don't understand, but I'm not complaining ...

For English we had to write a personal composition (or something like that, I dunno), and I basically wrote something very similar to my feelings post. Once I get that back, I might even type it up, and it's about 900 words (I had one hour of time and I wrote it with hand, but I'm gonna count tomorrow).
The topic was "A person's view of the world may change over time" and I wrote about how my exchange year as achieved exactly that.
At the end, I was almost at the verge of tears, once again not knowing why. I hate that. I really do.

Well, anyway, now I need to get back to learning :)
The re-test is only so much relaxant, I actually want to do well on the test. As I mentioned, I love the topic, and that's exactly what I want to study one day in the future...

And here have a nice picture:
 What's that?, you might wonder.
That is the book storage at Amazing, isn't it?

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