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Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Caaaareful, It's another Hockey Post

Okay, here we are with another Hockey Post - there were questions, okay? :)

But you can skip it and you won't really miss anything important, because there will be another post later today about my day (although it's bound to be uneventful)

Why do I like hockey?

Well, that's a pretty hard question, because honestly? I don't know.
I just saw it and was instantly fascinated. I think it might be the combination of speed and grace (the latter more or less and mostly just on the ice).

You can't even say you watch hockey because the players are hot - because they're a) wearing a lot of armor and kevlar (you can see it when they're wearing their jersey out of hockey. They are almost dwarfed by it!), b) they're wearing a helmet and often a visor and c) ... they're not handsome. Many of them at least. (Notably here: Henrik Lundqvist, who is considered the best looking amongst his colleagues:
Source: (x)

He's pretty cool - just recently he was at a talk show and played "Sweet Child Of Mine" on the guitar. And as I said, the consensus everywhere (even among straight men) is that 'the King' is the most handsome hockey player at the moment. And 'Cosmo' forgot him in their "the Hottest Players of 2013". Oh god, the response was outrageous!
Greg Wyshynski, who runs the blog Puck Daddy, tore the list apart, pointing out six obvious flaws, and other blogs did the same things. Yes, some of their choices really were outrageous.

And maybe I should mention Sharpie, who was named "Chicago's Sexiest Athlete" by Victoria Secret in 2009.
Source: (x)
Source: (x)

Yeah, that's Sharpy. But there are others, like Jonathan Toews, who make the most horrible faces:
Source for both: (x)
He doesn't look so horrible usually. If you can get over his crazy eyes. (That's where he got his nickname "Tazer" from)

But I still think that the grace and speed on ice are what fascinates me - when the Oilers, whom I follow more or less, played, I was really ... bored. I became distracted very easily; a problem I have yet not had with the Blackhawks.

What's your favourite team?

Well, my favourite team are the Chicago Blackhawks. They're pretty great, but had two not-so-stellar performances the last two seasons after winning the Stanley Cup in 2010.
They're off to a really hot start with the best start in Franchise History, just as in 71/72; 5 wins so far in five games.
Best player so far?
Patrick Kane, whose performance dropped after scoring the Cup winning goal and who fans wanted to have traded because of his off-ice behaviour (really bad behaviour).
He has 9 points (five goals and four assists) in the five games, and last night for example had two assists. And he scored the first goal of the 2013 season, which means he has in his 400 game career scored both the last (Stanley Cup winning goal) and the first (2013) goal of a season.
Also pretty good:
Marián Hossa, who suffered a concussion last year (7 points - 5 goals 2 assists), Patrick Sharp (6 points - 2 goals, 4 assists) and Captain Jonathan Toews (5 points - 3 goals, two assists).
And of course Corey Crawford, the goaltender. He was a bit shaky last season, but he's had a really good start this year!

And all those other teams?

Well, here are my favourites (I'll always root for the team higher on this list):

  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Philadelphia Flyers
And my dislikes:
  • Phoenix Coyotes
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Nashville Predators
That's it :)
Have a great day!


  1. Thanks a lot - I was thinking it might be the expression of speed and power that impacts :-)
    btw. attitudes you have available yourself (if I dare to say that).

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