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Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Sleepy post

I'm really tired today...
I've already been lying in bed since 6 o'clock, but then I remembered that I hadn't posted anything yet, so I stood back up...

Okay, my day:
I woke up pretty late, had Cheerios (best stuff ever), checked twitter, tumblr and facebook and then took a look at Biology, but I'm gonna read over it once again now. I think I have everything down pretty well, but it can't hurt and I'm not sure anyway.
After that... I had a small lunch, before reading over my Biology notes again - have I mentioned that I've never learned how to learn? I still just read stuff over, although I think it might be helpful to note down all the important stuff and try to condense the stuff you're actually memorizing.
Which I obviously didn't do. But it's not as though much hinges on this grade...
After that, I finally looked up, which is an absolutely fantastic site - I've been doing the Math stuff, and while it was just review, it's really good.

So if you have questions or just want to go over stuff, check it out. It's also available in German, from what I've seen, but I haven't tried it out.
Here it is, the German part. It's totally free, and really good!

Yep, and then there was dinner and I went to bed...

And it seems like Andy and I will attend another Kelowna Rockets game on Saturday, and maybe on Thursday, too - they come back very late tomorrow night, so that would work out.
The only problem?
Saturday there's a Blackhawks game...
But I'm choosing the Rockets!

And here is a bit of trivia:
It's something really amazing in Montreal, check it out!

And my parcel has arrived, but I'm gonna pick it up on Thursday, when my host family is back...
So, and I'm going to bed now, good night!

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