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Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Just like home

... Yep, just like home:
I'm sitting in the living room, the TV is on (with Undercover Boss, and I think it's the same as in Germany... :) Well, with Canadian or American [I don't know; didn't pay attention] factories), I have my laptop on my stomach and am reading.

It's quite relaxing, but I'm also missing Bob and Jenna  ... :)
Well, never thought I'd adapt that quickly to having siblings :D
School wasn't bad; the Japanese quiz has been delayed till Monday 'cos the Sensei wasn't happy with the exam, I wrote 50 minutes of Biology (and I don't know how it went, but there were 5 questions where I was more or less guessing; four of them contained stuff we had never talked about, the book never talked about - I'm sure about that, I read the book this morning - and that was no where to be found, but aside from that it wasn't too bad... Note that I am cautious with these predictions, because I still remember how it turned out the last time I said something went well), I proof read my English exam - 961 words, my guess was pretty good... although it was only 878 words yesterday, but I changed and clarified a few things - and did a work booklet on Shawshank Redemption, which is an amazing movie, had a photo shooting for my article about bilingualism, was ten minutes late to Spanish because of it (but Mr M gave me a note, so it was no problem) and watched La Misma Luna in Spanish... Yes, it's just like in Germany :)
But we have one final spurt towards exams left, so that's kinda different...

I haven't really done anything else, so I'm signing out for now!

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