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Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Cooking Endeavour

Yep, I finally did my cooking!
Unfortunately, my host family wasn't there (they're still in Mexico), so I'll probably have to do it again.

I made "Schinkennudeln", or Pasta with ham.

This is what my workspace looked like:
Onion and ham. And a laptop...
Yes, my cooking of course coincided with the sixth Blackhawks game this season. And I  have now been forbidden to ever again stir noodles while a Hawks game is on - they were up 1-0, really strong in the first period, dominated the game, and then in the second managed to get 4 (!) penalties of 2 minutes, resulting in one 5-on-3 (or two-man advantage) for the Red Wings, but they managed to kill their penalties (it was beautiful). They killed those penalties, only to allow a goal early in the third right while I was turned away to stir my stupid nudles. And since both hockey players and fans are really superstitious, I'm not allowed to do that again. Clearly bad luck.

But the Hawks managed to keep the game tied and won it in overtime. So they're now off to the best start in Franchise History - no Blackhawks team before them has managed this. They're the league leaders, too, but the San Jose Sharks have only played 5 games (as opposed to the Hawks six) and are undefeated so far ... well, they're playing each other next week, I think.

And on Friday the Hawks play the Vancouver Canucks - a long standing rivalry aftera play-off series, if I'm not mistaken. It's surely gonna be fun to watch. It's on National Television, so no rewinds :/ But I get to watch it on the big TV!

Oh, and here is my finished meal (It actually did taste like home, so much better than the Obatzder which I tried to make...)

And tomorrow I'm off to Dorothea's! From 9.30 to some point in the afternoon/evening :D
She's got five days left. That's so unbelievable... and tomorrow I will have reached exact;y half time until school ends. That's also really weird. A weird thought.

I went to bad really early - in the morning. I had meant to go to bed at around midnight (because, no classes, hello? I'm not going to bed too early!), but somehow it ended up being three o'clock!
And of course I woke up at around eight. Luckily, I've become pretty adept (hah, I like that word... wanted to use it for ages) at going back to sleep, but I gave up at around half past nine or so...
For Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch (I skipped breakfast, ok? I went straight to lunch at around ... one o'clock?) there was cheese melt. For me one and a half tuna and cheese melt and one ham and cheese melt. I think I liked the ham one better.

And I have really weird capitalization... I always capitalize (or want to, at least) Hockey and Hockey Player, and I also capitalized Ham. For no good reason.
Am I finally missing German with all it's nouns capitalized?
But with German and English in lower case letters? Das ist sehr deutsch. Das ist ein englisches Wort. (That is very German. That is an English word)

I have written another two letters (not telling to whom), one in German and one in English... would you like to know who the recipients are? Well, I'm not telling! Haha!

I just remembered that I still owe you a recap of my classes... Let's see when I can get around to that...

So, have a great night (or day, depending on where you are/when you are reading this)


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  1. I'll have Schinkennudeln tomorrow for sure - yours look so tasty :-)
    Take care,


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