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Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

It's the Final Countdown

Yep, today was the last day of school (real school at least).
We did... a bit of review via Jeopardy in Japanese (although he only called it Jeopardy. Jeopardy actually is you have the answer and have to come up with the question, we had the question and had to find the answer/translate), then finished the review booklet in Spanish (wasn't so bad, but I'm gonna take another look at the foods and the subjects again...) and then there was lunch ... Mr Derksen actually wanted to go over my essays with me because of the flow, but he had another appointment, and at the end of lunch we talked about writing in general - he said my composition (6/6 and an awesome) was really great to read and was a "counseling session" :) but according to him it was really good - I have one metaphor that I used throughout the whole essay, and Doro was another "Leitfaden" ... and it wasn't even intentional! Just as the sentence "But sometimes, this awareness is at the back of my mind", which is a paradox he really liked, wasn't planned. I hadn't even noticed that!

After that we had regular English, and I went and talked to the counselor and switched Psychology 11 to Spanish 11 - the Psychology teacher sounded very much like my English teacher in 7th grade, and while he was an awesome man, he was a bad teacher. And I don't wanna do that, if I can do more with Spanish!
Even though I'm not sure the Spanish teacher is much better - I went to tell her that she wouldn't need to tutor me off the time table as she had said she would do, only to have her tell me that she wouldn't have been able to  that anyway. Why would she offer that in the first place then? It didn't just (kinda) piss me off and make me insecure (I always take that pretty personal, even though I know that she doesn't mind me personally, that it's not directed against me, but knowing and really being aware of something are two different things), but it also ruined my day...

In Biology, I was all alone - both Spencer and Krystin were gone, so I sat next to Spencer's friends in the row before us. And I'm so jealous of the guy I was sitting next to. He gets to see the Blackhawks in Anaheim in March!
He said the price for tickets down there were only $150 for Premium Seats - in Vancouver you get really shitty seats if you're lucky for $300 to $400, and in Winnipeg? Good luck trying to get seats at all. They have a 4000 people wait list for season tickets in Winnipeg, and most of the arenas all around are sold out at the moment!

(Btw, our school news paper came out today. Here it is! I have two articles in it... although one of them is messed up: the left and the right side, or the first and the second half are switched! -_- and nobody caught it :/)

What else was today? Nothing much ... I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch (best thing ever) and caught glimpses of the Vancouver - Calgary game (Vancouver won!).

And I'm deceptively calm... I've been swinging between near freak-out/panic and utter calm all day ... and right now I'm feeling "screw it, it won't get better", so I'm like "let's just see how it turns out tomorrow."
The only thing I have to remember is read everything carefully and make sure you know what the question is asking.
Yeah, that's it.
Spanish and Biology tomorrow, so I'm signing off right now!

Have a lot of love,


EDIT: I'm actually sitting here crying because they mentioned Lukas Podolski on TV in a soccer game, and it's just like OMG that does still exist - soccer is pretty ... invisible here, but they're doing a recap of this day (at 12.13 a.m.) and it's always these little things that catch me...

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  1. Na, dann drück ich Dir nochmal die Daumen!
    Good luck!
    Hugs and kisses


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