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Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Chelsea, Chelsea, I believe

No, don't fear, it's not another hockey post...

Okay, my school day: I almost overslept. I had woken up, switched off my alarm (I only vaguely remember that) and fallen back asleep. Luckily, my inner clock woke me about five or ten minutes later.
I had a rather weird dream anyway, but I can't remember it now...

So, I made my lunch and went to school, and almost went to Japanese - before I remembered that we had Japanese first perios yesterday, so it was Spanish's turn today ;)
We finished the movie we'd been watching - some Mexican drama about illegal immigrants, and it wasn't even so bad, but I'd missed a significant chunk yesterday, so duh. Once that was done, we started on our review booklet. I think I got the farthest, but we'll complete it tomorrow.
Then Japanese, as mentioned we finished Kamikaze girls and wrote our test, and honestly? I don't really care about that grade anymore. I'm tired of Japanese, I should have listened to myself and changed it at the beginning of the year. It was just a waste of time (Yes, you will get reflections on my courses and my choices once they're over and done with and I got my report card... maybe even already before that!)
Biology: I mentioned the test, didn't I?
Well, aside from that I was writing up my notes on the Male and Female Reproductive Systems which we have to hand in by the end of the week, and I'm taking my re-test Wednesday morning. 9 o'clock. Yay. But at least it's a fairly short quiz, so it shouldn't take me too long.

English... as always my favourite period of the day. (Although Spanish is a close runner up). Some people were rewriting a practice exam where they had failed the multiple choice (I got 20/23, which was alright) and so the rest of us had free working time.
I started out reading, but decided to finish my Biology notes. Interspersed with reading, of course. Since I had complained to Mr Derksen that we didn't do any silent reading anymore because of preparation, so when I was leaving the room, he was like "See, you were complaining about not getting time to read; today you had the whole period!"
So I laughed and said "Yeah, but I had to do Biology..."
And since he's such an awesome listener, I told him about the shock from Biology, and he just looked at me. "I'm surprised he didn't notice himself. If that happened in my class, I would notice, especially when it's a student with your marks. I usually scale my tests by your score." My first though? God, no, I don't want others to get a bad grade just because I have a fairly easy time learning! But what he was talking about was:
"When you have a bad grade, I know there's something wrong with my test." So, yeah :)
I had to go, because I thought the Hawks game started at 4.30 (it was 5.30), and I had to go to the mall for top-up for my phone, so I just said 'bye'.
And he? He said "Goodbye, darling."
Teachers here are so amazing, and so nice, and actually try to interact with their students. Like, he does it all the time. And he doesn't just listen because you talk, he listens because he wants to hear you. There's a difference, and I think that that's one reason why he has the class under control so well. (He never has to raise his voice, but he also doesn't require absolute silence. It's so relaxed in the classrooms here...)

So, anyway, Gordo and I went to the mall and the store, I got a cinnamon bun (there is little better than a warm cinnamon bun with the icing still running), and when we came back, I realized that I had hurried all for nothing.
But I had to wolf my dinner down, because I wanted to see the puck drop - it was the Blackhawks Home Opener, and they didn't disappoint. It was a fast-paced, amazing game, keeping me at the edge of my seat, and just over all so great... The Hawks won, of course. (or not so of course, but their goalie was really good. He'd been pretty inconsistent last season, but so far he's been amazing, making some incredible saves.) In the end, it was 3-2 - tight, but really good.

And since it's been some time since I last had pictures/gifs, have some!

Flyers vs Peguins - Brayden Schenn misses Sidney Crosby (x)

Patrick Kane (88) scores the first goal of the night - with an assist from Patrick Sharp (10) (x). It was a beauty shot. Seriously. Their goal celebration was ... pretty great, too:
Kaner flying through the air (x)

Hockey Players :D (x)

The Blackhawks twitter loved their fans today, giving them this gem, too:

(x) Yay. The guy talking is Duncan Keith, part of the co-dependent defense pairing
Keith-Seabrook. (eg living in the same neighbourhood, having vacation houses
next to each other, having each other's teeth, always being on the ice together)
Keith had the puck from Toews, shot and Seabs's skate redirected the puck into the net.
Aaaaand... that's it from me. Now I spent one hour more on here than I meant to... hui. Sorry!

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