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Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Last day of holidays

Hi there!

I'm really freakishly tired, but also really freakishly happy, and yeah...
Okay, first things first: You might have noticed, but there is now a new tab at the very top, right next to my "About Me" (which is still in German if I'm not wrong. Sorry about that). It's called "My Feels" and clicking it will lead you to all my post tagged Feelings or Feels, and I will be posting about how I'm feeling (of course, what else), about how time flies and how I experience the passage of time. By clicking that tab, you can find all my feely posts in one place, and I might just go though all my older posts and see what I said there about how I feel. Yeah. Check back there to see how I am maturing (haha) over time.

So, my day... was kind of hazy.
It started out, believe it or not, a short while before I posted my last post about my feelings. Since I'm not always sure how much is too much in the online world, I had my parents check the entry on whether or not I could publish it (I didn't change anything, it was fully approved), and by the time I posted it, it must have been two thirty or so.
By that time I also was already chatting with a class-mate from one of my extra-curriculars back home, and we ended up writing on facebook until about half past four (seriously), and then I wanted to wait for my parents to Skype, because there were a few things I needed to get off my chest, things I can't discuss on my blog because that would be rude, and so I stayed up and wrote some more. I am so creative in the last time, I don't know what's happened! Maybe it is the sleep thing :D
So, okay, by the time I got my Mom on Skype, it was already a quarter to five. I was just about to go to bed, actually, because hello, quarter to five? but then she did appear, and we skyped for two hours. During that time, my dad appeared, helped me fix my laptop problem (it was firefox taking up too much Arbeitsspeicher, sorry, don't know the English word) and well...

At around six I cleared all my cookies and everything, resulting in me being logged out of all of my social media sites, so I log back into twitter, and I recently started following a bunch of hockey players (who's surprised? I bet nobody), and I was just glancing over the tweets, when one particular caught my eye. It said

@88PKane @tylerseguin92 [two Hockey players from the NHL for Biel; Kane is one of my absolute favourites] Had a great time on and off the ice with u guys in Biel.I wish u good luck on the upcoming year,we will be watching

And I was like: What the heck? I mean, Seguin's contract ran out shortly before Christmas, and he'd already returned to Boston, but Kane was signed with Biel until the lockout ended ... only possible solution: The lockout is over!

And sure enough, looking over my twitter dash, it quickly became apparent that yes, the NHL and NHLPA had indeed reached a tentative agreement sometime around 5 a.m. New York time, after 16 (!) hours of negotiations, and the season will start on the 15th if everything goes well or on the 19th if not.

And it was just so amazing, my parents had to listen to me squeal... And then I texted Andy at ten past six, waking him up (I hadn't known he had is phone on loud!), but he said he didn't mind - the lockout's over and TSN has been bringing news about that all day.
So I wrapped Skype, squealed a bit more, and then went to watch TSN.

Yep, and if you wonder where sleep was, it's here: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. It's why I'm tired, but just the fact that the lockout is over was enough to keep me going all day.

I was even semi-productive in regards to schoolwork, but right now instead of compiling the itinerary for the USA trip for my Spanish project, what am I doing?
Writing The-Lockout-Is-Over-Stories. Wow. Did I mention I was really creative? It's been ages since the words flowed like they did today, and I find myself really reluctant to stop right now...

Well, have a great first school day, guys,
Love you all,



  1. You are so much yourself these days - kudos ! Loving your new tab :-)


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