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Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Tired Thursday

Since I am almost sixteen (three months left, so duh), I still don't know when to go to bed.
As a result I'm really tired.
Which is why I'm foregoing doing Biology and opting to go to bed right away. Today I'm really going!
I might have infected a friend with fanfiction. My bad, I'm so sorry (I told him all about it during Biology, and he stole my kindle and started reading, so I'm counting that as a win!).
School wasn't bad, in Spanish we started our final chapter, in Japanese we started out final chapter (and we're having a vocab test tomorrow!), in English I finished my second essay (it's not a masterpiece, but I knew I couldn't get better) and in Biology... we finished dissecting our pigs!
It was really gross and fascinating and revolting and awesome and I almost puked (I didn't but, it did smell horrible, the mixture of Febreeze, preservative and latex), so have some pictures! (They are under the cut, but let me tell you, they're awesome!)
But they might be somewhat revolting...
So here have some school pictures first! (because I'm pretty sure not everybody will finish this post)
One of the hallway, leading towards the gym (the gym is through the left wall, basically, but you can access it after the fire doors)

And luckily we're not in Germany - they're talking
about the gym, not the whole school.
But I anyway had to laugh the first time
I saw it! :)

So, I have a Japanese test tomorrow, a Spanish test on Monday, our regular Biology test on Monday, my Biology test I missed on Wednesday, and then the week after that, final start!
And since in the last week of January, the Provincial exams are taking place and I'm taking none, I won't even have to come to school!
So I'll probably be meeting up with Doro, who will be a single ball of nerves since she's leaving ;(
But it will be great to see her again!

Tomorrow I'm going to see the Rockets, and I'm saying good night with that!
And the pictures are under the cut!

Not even the eyes were open - it
had never even been born!
 That's the pig. Yep, it's really wrinkly and gross, but we had already cut it open, so duh.

 So here's our pig being held upside down by Krystin. You can see the kidneys, as we removed the intestine and the stomach and the esophagus already before the holidaus. That weird flap of skin is the navel with the umbilical cord [Nabelschnur], and yes, it was all pretty gross. Especially since the skin was really flabby and we had to take scissors to cut it open, since the scalpel wasn't sharp enough.
 That's a fetal pig's heart, in my hand. It was pretty gross, and I might have crushed its ribs in the process of removing the heart, but I had to hold the pig down pretty forcefully while Krystin was trying to cut it open, so duh.
And here a pig brain. I was the one to saw it open - I first cut a halo around the head to remove the skin, then scraped the skin away, and then I cut the skull open along the really soft seams. It was... a weird feeling. And slightly gross. Krystin finished the job by taking the scissors and actually removing the bone (yes, we cut the bone with scissors) and then there was the brain!

Krystin also managed to get it out of the skull without damaging it but with the medulla and the cerebellum!



  1. OK, nun weiß ich wieder, warum ich doch nicht Pathologin geworden bin.......

    Und das mit der Bettgeh-Zeit, damit man nicht müde ist, das kommt mit den Jahren. Rückblickend betrachtet habe ich eigentlich den Eindruck, dass ich, bis ich dreißig war, dauernd übermüdet war, weil ich abends einfach nicht ins Bett wollte. Es gab immer noch so viel zu tun oder zu entdecken oder zu spielen.

  2. Unglaublich, was Du da gemacht hast - hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass Du das bis zum Ende durchziehst! Der Unterricht unterscheidet sich schon gewaltig von dem in Deutschland, nicht wahr?
    Hugs and kisses ♥

  3. Impressing - interesting stuff they offer you, right !?


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