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Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013


Okay, I've been procrastinating again, if I'm being honest... :)

Well, but it wasn't all bad - even though I woke up for the first time at eight o'clock, I managed to sleep till half past ten, went on to finalize my W- und P-Seminar choice for next year, read a bit, looked at the first page of my Biology stuff, had lunch, played a game of scrabble (I had the lead for a long, long time, and then Sandra got rid of all her 7 tiles and got 50 extra points, so I lost by forty points :/), read some more, tumbled around on tumblr, read some more, had supper, watched the Blackhawks game - it was on TV!!! -, had some frozen yogurt, watched more Blackhawks, watched the shootout in the Oilers-Canucks game - and even though it looked like Vancouver would win, the Edmonton Oilers managed to even with Eberle and so on.
And now I'm realizing that I have only three days to cram as much knowledge for Biology and Japanese into my head, and I might freak out, although I don't feel like it...

Well, just for me, here are the teams I am interested in:

Philadelphia Flyers: 2/2 games lost
Pittsburgh Penguins: 2/2 games won
Edmonton Oilers: 1/1 game won
Carolina Hurricanes: 1/1 game lost
Washington Capitals: 1/1 game lost
Chicago Blackhawks: 2/2 games won (as somebody pointed out so nicely: If you want to raise a banner, make sure you're not playing the Blackhawks that night. Explanation: The Kings yesterday raised their banner for winning the Stanley Cup, and the Coyotes raised their banner for winning their Division, and both of them lost ... it was especially gratifying for the Hawks, because Marián Hossa got a concussion from Coyote Raffi Torres - who was still suspended for it - during the playoffs last year, and the Hawks subsequently lost)

Pretty even, isn't it? (And I'm sorry for the hockey spam... but that's kinda a big deal here right now, and yeah... I really like it.)

Have a good night!


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