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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Not quite so productive

... Nope, today wasn't as great as yesterday - I mean, it wasn't bad, although it started out pretty ... well...
I woke up after nine hours of sleep and felt like I'd slept maybe two, so I can't say great...

But I managed to do Biology first thing in the morning, and then I actually started on the practice SAT test, and remember me mentioning that one course? Well, it's a Doctorate, so not an undergraduate program, and do you know how I found that out?
I was browsing the University finder, having clicked on the University of Illinois at Chicago instead of the University of Chicago, and then I realized that it was a different University, but I had gotten curious, so I looked whether they maybe had a similar program. And what does the website say?

University of Illinois at Chicago is the only University in Illinois offering a Neuroscience Major, which is what I want to do, so I researched that a bit, and yes, that was it...

Other than that? Nothing much...
So sorry!
Oh, I did start packing - I'm moving to the grandparents' house, in case I haven't mentioned, because my family is going to Mexico. I'm not going because a) they had already booked, b) it's pretty expensive and c) I can't miss finals - and I don't really wan to miss so much school and leave... so yeah.

Well, good night, guys!

ETA: Okay, there is one more thing which I probably should have mentioned.

I wrote that epically long piece on how I'm feeling, right? Well, it's pretty much shifted completely, and it's all the fault of my stupid, stupid unconscious brain.
I dreamt, a few nights ago already, that I was on the plane back home, and ... it was a very disconcerting feeling once I woke up, because I had been perfectly fine in my dream, and even looking forward to coming home, something I have been trying to avoid very hard.

So, yeah, I'm pretty melancholic right now...
Not even Chelsea Dagger and What makes you beautiful can change that at the moment, and those two usually help :/

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  1. Why not enjoy even this feeling ?! - It's only passing by, reminding you of itself; just notice it and it'll be gone in a minute :)


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