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Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Bio is Back

So, really good news on this lazy Saturday!
I got my Biology notes back!

Okay, but from the beginning:

I wanted to sleep in, which is why I went to bed at around one o'clock in the morning, but I couldn't. I woke up at eight o'clock, and managed to doze off until about nine, before all sleep was gone. Great start into the weekend. -_-
I had breakfast. And then I read a bit until noon, which was when the Winnipeg Jets against Ottawa Senators game started - HOCKEY IS BACK!! - only to find a lot of pictures and posts about the Blackhawks game (against the L.A. Kings) on tumblr, and when I complained about not getting CNS, which transmits the Blackhawks game, here in Canada to one of the girls on tumblr, and she gave me the link to a streaming website so I did watch the Blackhawks game after all, and even though Kane and Toews weren't technically on a line, they ended up on the ice together when either of them scored. The best one of the game though was Marián Hossa, last year out because of a concussion, with two goals and an assist - a worthy comeback after the terrible hit he got from in the playoffs last year - and Kane and Toews each scored one goal. Kane grabbed the first over all goal in this 2013 season with the assist from Hossa, so the Haters who screamed for a Kane trade because he's clearly no good should just shut up! Sorry. My other teams, the Philadelphia Flyers and the Carolina Hurricanes both lost, unfortunately :(

Well, after hockey, Sandra and I drove to my family's house, and guess what? I found my Biology notes! They were buried under two shoe cartons, and I don't know why I didn't see them, because actually I looked there.

And other than that ... I didn't do much. I was mostly reading and watching the figure skaters on TV.
I didn't like it because their programs seemed so not-smooth, but I guess they were pretty good.

And then they brought a short segment in the news about the SnowBall Classics in Vancouver, which Standard and Latin Dancing Competition, and they had one couple there in the studio. It's an international competition, and they were hoping for the title in the Junior Division, but they were really bad. I mean, half of the Ritmo Couples are at least as good as they were, because their turns were sluggish, their choreography was not good (very few actual chacha steps) and the girl never once even looked at the boy. He at least tried, but she could have been dancing with a mannequin. And her foot work wasn't good. (And that's the reason why you should never watch Dancing with me. I can't stop critiquing the couples...)

And that's it.

I'm right now skyping with my mom, so I'm signing out with this!


  1. .... das Haus verliert nix - das ist auch in Kanada so ;)
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Would you ,please, explain someday, what exactly is so fascinating about Hockey !
    I haven't found out yet :-)


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