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Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013


Remember how I told you about the ton of work I had?
Well... those who know me (maybe) can guess how much I have done by to day:
Not even half of my work!
I know, I know, bad example, bad work attitude, blah, blah, but ... I started with Biology, got it almost done, and then ... couldn't do the rest.

It isn't just that I was procrastinating (which I was, I won't even deny it), but it's that my laptop didn't work. It's really weird at the moment, it just keeps freezing, for like two minutes whenever I click a link, and since I need to do a lot of research for my Spanish project, I had a lot of frozen time where my laptop simply would not react.
So I grabbed a book and ... got distracted, of course.

Well, I am resigning myself to do (as so often) everything on the last day possible. And I still have a few days before my presentation, but I am telling myself I need it by Monday. The likelyhood of me actually getting it done increases like ten-fold.

So, now for my holidays:
They were relaxing. I caught up to a lot of my sleep, although that was kind of interrupted two nights ago:
I have a major writer's block since leaving Germany. At one of my stories I am at a point where I don't know what to write next, and I simply didn't get any inspiration. Over the last few days, there was a page lying next to me, and I randomly jotted down a few lines (more often than not only one or two sentences).
But then on Thursday evening, I'm getting ready for bed at 8.30 (I was tired), when I am hit by inspiration. I was reading something, and my mind took the scenario, twisted it, and gave me about a lines DinA4 page of actual writing. Then I went on to get into bed, but I'm just starting to drift off, when more in the same setting occurs to me, so I get up and write that down, too.

So I get back to bed, but even though I am really tired, I can't fall asleep, and another burst of inspiration hits me. I don't even try to fight it, just get up and write, and ... well, see for yourself, I have four pages written like this:

It's a 20 ct piece so that you can imagine how big the page is, and I have written on it in my custom way to save paper:
going downwards on the line, then flipping the page so that the writing is upside down and then I write in the space between the writing again.

So, back and front of two sheets, and since I write on it twice, I guess I can say I have written 8 pages. Add to that the four pages I have written with single lines, and you get a pretty impressive word count (I have typed up the first two pages now and am at about 800 words. Looks good).
The best thing about this is that I also almost have an ending, or if I change it a bit, I have at least my ending planned.
Why can't I devote that much time to Journalism?
Well, the downside however was, that it was 2 o'clock by the time I was finished; I wrote for about two hours, maybe two and a half, and I had a cramp in my neck and in my hand, like always when I write too much and am too focused.
But I'm pretty proud.

What I'm also proud about is that I have been playing Rummy with Bob (and occasionally Jenna and Andy and on once Tanya, too) every day, and ... see, Mama, you can't complain. I am socialising (somewhat)!

So, there might be another post coming up, because ... if you look at Dorothea's day count you might know why, but I'll leave it at this for the moment.

See you all soon!

And by the way:
I mentioned Germany had been beaten by the US 8-nothing and by Canada 9-3, yes?
USA went on to beat Canada 5-1 (to the chagrin and outrage of the Canadians), and then won the World Junior Hockey Championship, while Canada only came 4th after a shootout against Russia, I think (they are tied, so they shoot on the goal without any defensemen).

But now good night (or good morning, depending on where in the world you are and when you're reading this)


  1. Nein, ich kann mich überhaupt nicht beschweren - Du machst Dein Ding! ♥
    Bin stolz auf Dich!

  2. I absolutely love the way you fill your pages - that upside-down-thing :-)


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