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Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Drowning in Snow

Yes, we are.
I left the house without a toque (for those wondering, that is a toque:
(c) first and foremost to,
and second to Jonathan Toews, who is in this shot :)
I think the rest of the world says hat, but we say toque here, and hat is more that thing with brims) because it was only -1 out there, and by the time I was at the bus stop (literally 45 seconds later since I didn't have to wait at the red light to cross the street) I had half an inch of snow on my head ... okay, maybe half a centimeter to a centimeter, but still.
And since Canadians apparently don't believe in clearing their streets of snow (I know I said I wouldn't compare, but heck, that's really hard here) but rather have the snow accumulate and form a thick layer, our bus was late. I don't know how late exactly, but usually we get to the school by 8:45, and today it was at least, at the very least, 9:05 - school starts at 9 a.m. sharp, and warning bell goes off five minutes before that. Nobody was surprised, though.

School was ... not bad.
We were in the library in Spanish, working on our projects, although I was more spamming Jade about the end of the lockout (my bad, I'm not even sorry), so now I'm still not finished with Spanish - it's gonna be a long night, but I love working late nights, so duh. I can still sleep tomorrow!

In Japanese we learnt the days of the week, and we'll have a quiz on that first thing tomorrow.
Biology was ... well, we had a substitute, so no test for me or Kristen, but I actually wanted to ask Mr Kruger a few things... before I can write the test, obviously. I didn't understand one of the questions, and duh.
English... well, we're still kinda analyzing poems and stories, and he reminded us that we have two and a half weeks left till finals. And it's just ... two and a half weeks. That's like nothing. And we will be writing a mock-provincial exam, a twelfth grade exam, that will count as our big exam - 20% of our final mark. :o

Yeah, and that was it ... Nothing else happened. So I'll go back to avoiding doing Spanish! :)
But I really need to get that done, no joking, and I should write my Journalism paper, too ... I'm glad I hadn't started writing, because I'm covering the lockout, and it's over now, so good for me! :)

Love you all and take care!


  1. Schnee - was ist das? Bei uns regnets nur - einfach nur gräßlich!
    Hab ich Dir schon gesagt, dass Noten manchmal überbewertet werden? ;)
    Hugs and kisses ♥

  2. Deine Erklärungen unter "About me" sind "awesome" ♥


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