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Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Final Sprint

Yes, the Final Sprint definitely has started.
Today we had a Japanese Practice Quiz (luckily not marked, as I was really, really bad at it - I had learnt the wrong words!) and our last Bio test for this course except for the finals (and the one test I have to re-take because I missed it, and I'm gonna re-take today's quiz at the end of the term, which we can do for one test, because it was pretty bad ... 26/33, dunno where I lost the points - gonna see tomorrow, I guess... although 33 makes no sense, because I remember quite vividly that it was 34 points when I handed it in -_-), tomorrow, there is each a Spanish and a Japanese vocab test and I have to hand in my Biology Journal, of which I had no idea until today that I had to make it (I typed it up already and I just have to print it off tomorrow) and I still have to re-take the mentioned Biology exam and a Japanese vocab test. So, yeah.
Maybe I ask him whether I can substitute the days of the month for the Unit 6 Vocab test? It's about the same amount of words, so ... maybe?
Aaaand then finals start next week. Juhuu.

And since I am still tired and nothing else has transpired today (pretty much, it was just me reading and doing my homework and playing Rummy with Bob), I'm headed towards bed now...


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  1. Ganz schön anstrengender Schlußspurt für Deine Kurse! Viel Glück für die Tests! Go Go Go!!! ♥


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