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Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Lazy Day

Once again!
Well, I have written two letters and a mail today, and I hope I will be able to write two more or so tomorrow.
I'm sorry to everybody I still owe something written!

What else? I watched the Blackhawks game (5-0-0 [Wins-Losses-Overtime losses], now tied with 71-72 for best season start in franchise history!) and it was really... close.
And then during the first intermission I started watching the Flyers (they scored more goals in this game than in all their first four games combined - seven to five! Tonight they won 7-1!) so I was lagging about 20 minutes behind the Hakws game, but that was probably better for my nerves. But just as I decided to switch to live viewing again, the Captain scored what would later be the game winning goal!

And that was pretty much my day. The Oilers (Edmonton) are on right now, but they're losing pretty spectacularly against the Flames (Calgary):/
I'll finish my Flyers (Philadelphia) game now...

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  1. Something I haven't figured out yet for sure is, which is your favourite team ? Or are they all the same to you when Canadian ?


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