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Samstag, 30. März 2013

Almost Easter

Saturday means almost Easter!

In order to congratulate Katrinle, as it was her birthday today, I woke up really early - way too early. I could have slept at least until 11 o'clock, so half past eight was a torture.

While I was waiting for them to arrive at my parents' house, we coloured eggs:

 And then I skyped with seemingly everyone who was at my parents' house (it wasn't everyone, but more people than I am used to) and then I grabbed my kindle, had some ice cream and let the sun shine down on me on the patio.

26°C the thermometer said, but in the sun it was a lot hotter - I actually put on sunscreen because it was so sunny!

It was really beautiful, and I've finally had cause to unpack my three-quarter pants, or Capri pants, as I was just informed they're called (thanks!).

Yeah, and my eyes are almost closing right now (it's a quarter to seven), so I'm only waiting for dessert to arrive (ice cream!) and then I'm off to bed, I guess.

Enjoy your snow, German friends!


  1. They're called capris.... :)

  2. You put on sunSCREEN? :D

    oh and it's really not fair btw :(


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