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Freitag, 8. März 2013

Forgotten blog

So I was almost falling asleep (it's really late already) when I realized that I had forgotten to post today! (yesterday)

But anyway, today was ... kinda fun, I got my Math test for which I didn't study back - 44/44, so 100% :) Which is great, as I have no idea what the current topic is about - they're doing things so differently from how we're doing them in Germany!

In MMA we did Brazilian Jiu Jitsu again, and I also participated in the fighting rounds at the end of class - I think I wasn't even so bad!

I talked to Laura during lunch, a very nice conversation :)

And in Entrepreneurship, we distributed the final tasks, because we're presenting in less than 12 hours! :o

So I guess it's really time for me to head to bed ...
good night, guys!

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