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Samstag, 9. März 2013


Hi guys!
Just a short reminder more or less to myself to tell you about my awesome day more today - yes, it's insanely early, or rather late, for me, but I was skyping with my mom first, then with a Math teacher and then with Lara, so ... stupid time difference!

The only bad thing about yesterday was the fact that the Hawks finally lost in regulation :/
They didn't even lose by a close margin or to a good time - they were "killed" 6-2 (after leading 1-0 for s couple of minutes) by the last team in the Western Converence! They beat them Wednesday, but didn't manage to do the same thing today :/
But well, their streak had to come to an end at one point - but at least the players were super classy about it.

So, and I'm finally off to bed now - I can't keep my eyes open!

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