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Mittwoch, 27. März 2013


My whole (school) day can be summarized by a single word: Spare.

No kidding, guys - first block:
Math. Independent review as we have our test tomorrow. I have done half-heartedly half of my homework, but I'm not expecting too much, since I will never ever again need this approach - and that is the reason why I haven't really done much. I will be trying tomorrow, but I don't see the use in memorizing stupid special triangles that only work for a few limited cases when our German approach can be transferred to all cases with very little problems.
Well, we'll see how the test goes tomorrow!
But since it was independent studies, it was basically nothing but a spare.

Second Block Creative Writing.
Independent writing. Considering this is nothing I don't do on my own outside of the schedule, it was basically a spare.

Lunch: Spare. Nothing to do.

Entrepreneurship: Anyway only a glorified spare since we were in the middle between two tasks (we received the next instructions today in the afternoon), so I spent my time on my own laptop on facebook (like the rest of the class) and tumblr.

Last Block: Legitimate spare.
I played around on tumblr for a bit and then did Math. I keep making stupid mistakes, but I think I generally have understood everything - which is my main (and only) goal.

Andy picked me up after school and dropped me off at Hollywood road for the introduction to the next part and a Mentor meeting, and my mentor and shared a great conversation and I ate too much pizza (three slices... but it was my dinner!)
Afterwards, we were "forced" to take some pizza home with us - Bob and I will be taking it to school tomorrow!

And I'm heading off to bed now because my eyes are burning because I'm so tired!

And the Rockets finally won!
Now it's 3-1 Seattle - 4 are needed to win! Go Rockets Go!!!


1 Kommentar:

  1. Boring day - aber Gott sei Dank gibt es Hockey, das für Aufregung und Abwechslung sorgt :)
    Hugs and kisses!


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