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Sonntag, 10. März 2013


So, I guess I can count Friday towards the weekend, too, can't I?
Well, no matter what, I'm just gonna do it!

So, Friday, as everyday, I packed my school bag in the morning like every day, made myself a pulled-pork sandwich and set off for school.
I had plugged my tiny 16GB Flash-Drive into the computer Thursday, pushed my keyboard against the USB-port and promptly forgot it.
So you can imagine how happy I was to find it still plugged in that morning!
Especially since our PowerPoint Presentation for the Dragons' Den Young Entrepreneur competition was on that stick ... and while I did have an older version saved on facebook, we had tweaked a couple of things.

So I was in a really good mood when I went to my first lesson - not Entrepreneurship as the block order would suggest (1-2-lunch-3-4) but rather Mr Eric Walters, a Canadian Young Adult Author.

And yeah, what he does is pretty alright, but I really didn't like his presentation.
It didn't sound like he was speaking to us, but rather like he was reciting something - stressing and emphasis were both just a too off to be authentic. He sounded more like the voice in my head telling me how to write something, the voice dictating my writing than somebody holding a presentation.
He might be a great writer, but he's not a speaker.

After that, I had MMA, where we did wrestling. To be exact, we did sweeps - so you lock up your opponent and throw him to the floor.
Especially awesome is the one, in my opinion, where you pivot your opponent on the small of your back and then just slam them into the ground (it's really satisfying to hear them hit the mats).
I sat out of the last wrestling rounds, because I didn't want to show up to the competition all disheveled and sweaty, and then spent lunch reading to distract myself from worrying.

CiCi and I walked the ten minutes or so to my host-grandparents, where we changed before Gordo drove us to Hollywood Road.

There we signed in, got our picture taken and then waited.
One of our competitors had a real live pony! A Shetty :)

So we went into the Dragons' Den, and I think it went pretty well - there was some miscommunication as I had said "Everybody's gonna introduce themselves" only to then ask "Or should I introduce all of us?"
But since I didn't get an answer to that latter question, I assumed we would stick to our initial plan - well, I assumed wrongly.

But other than that, the judges were super nice. There were three of them, and yeah, I had done it on purpose, but on my flash drive there were two folders, Entrepreneurship and Schule. And of course the judges commented on that "Who of you is German?" and yeah, that broke the ice for me at least. We joked a bit around - one of the judges' wife is from Bavaria! :)

And yeah, after school, we went to a soccer game of Jenna's and then to the mall, and I spent $120 there - in Shoppers' Drug Mart $65, $50 on sports clothes and $5 on a smoothie.

That night I skyped for a pretty long time with my mom, until Katrinle, a Math teacher, came to visit her and explained our Math topic to me - she only had to explain it "backwards" to me (she started with the result our teacher wanted to see - sine and cosine - and used that to explain the lead-up to me - radians [Bogenmass, I think] and it was so obvious and logical), which took three quarters of an hour (for something our teacher took three times 78 minutes!) and then I skyped with Lara and went over her application for an exchange to Australia - an actual exchange - until our connection went down, and then it was already close to three o'clock, so I went to the bathroom and then to bed.

I had intended to sleep until like ten or so, but when I woke, my neck was hurting so bad (it's still hurting), so I simply went back to sleep. - Just for five minutes ... let's just change the unit. Yes, I woke five hours later... at three p.m.

Yesterday, I didn't really do a lot - I mentioned to Andy that I would love to see another Hawks game and I still have another card from my Christmas present, and after dinner, as I was just discussing my parents' travel plans once they come here, Andy comes into the living room, going "Do you want to see the Rockets play?"
He had cards from his buddy and so we went, arrived 12 minutes or so into the first period and - well, didn't really miss a lot, because the first goal - Rockets of course - came about 13 or 14 minutes in.

It was a pretty great game, and the Rockets, as I mentioned, didn't just win the game, but also the BC Division title. Now they have three games left, before the playoffs start...

Bob had a sleep-over, and we talked for quite a while, and then I skyped with my mom, with the intention of finding our what exactly she wanted to do over the stay here in Canada, and then it was suddenly three o'clock again.
But I'm actually allowed to say suddenly, because one moment it had been 1:59 a.m. and the next it had been 3 o'clock.
No, I didn't fall asleep: We have daylight time again! Two weeks earlier than you do, so for the next two weeks the time difference between us (and I'm thinking of my German friends here) is only 8 hours and not nine :)
I like it, actually.

Today ... I tidied up my room, skyped with Dorothea and then watched the Blackhawks game. They lost Friday for the first time, 6-2 to the Avalanche (bottom team in their conference!) and then they played the Oilers today. Only problem? One of their core-guys is injured.
Patrick Sharp has a separated shoulder, and I think in both of their games, that was really noticeable.

Today they fell behind 4-0 (FOUR NOTHING!) before managing to come back within one (6-5 Oilers), but unfortunately it wasn't quite enough.
But at least it was tight and they seemed to find their fighting will again - the Oilers scored three times on the powerplay, and then the Hawks seemed to wake up.

But in the end, the whole team played way better. You just have to think back to last year, where the Hawks were almost as good as they were this year, only to lose 8-2 to the Oilers...
The Oilers are just so inconsistent - they were shutout 3-0 and 6-0 the last two games and had a 6-5 game today ... but their form varies from game to game, so I'm kinda hoping they're using this win to just get going, because as long as they're not playing the Hawks, I'm actually rooting for them :)

Well, anyway, that's it for now.
I'm in desperate need of a shower today!

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