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Montag, 4. März 2013


So, just in case you're too lazy to read my full post below, here just a short recap of my day:

I started it out with another delicious peanut butter banana wrap, and Tanya made another wrap (with bell pepper, sliced turkey, lettuce and a kind of ranch sauce) for my lunch, and then I started school...
I fixed up our S.W.O.T. analysis for our own project plus for Booster Juice for Entrepreneurship, because we had gotten a really bad grade for it, and then I went to see the counselor, because I decided on the weekend that I would drop Spanish and see whether I could switch into a P.E. class or foods or something, but I had to wait a full hour in the office - there were two new students in front of me, and that took some time.

But I managed to get it switched - Spanish to MMA, and my Spanish teacher has indeed redeemed herself. I felt she'd given me the cold shoulder and had been quite terse, but when I told her why I dropped it (too much stress) she said my new choice, Mixed Martial Arts, would be just the right thing for me.
And she complimented me on my Spanish - we had a presentation and I had forgotten my script at home, so I improvised, and then we were supposed to hand in our scripts. And I'm like "I don't have one," and later she told me that my Spanish was anyway so good and I should just relax, I'm just here for the fun...

Then in Math we had a review period - test is tomorrow, but I'm like not at all worried, because I think I understood everything, and who cares about the grade as long as I'm passing?
I have finally, after six months, arrived at a point where I can just relax and take it easy.
I hope this feeling stays for a bit.

In Creative Writing we did this awesome exercise: We listened to a lot of songs and had to jot down our thoughts about them, what sprang to mind and so on. And from Death Metal over Tibetan Natural Sounds to 80s pop songs (and Pumped Up Kicks) everything was there - even what I called "Church Music" :D

So after school I called up the dancing studio here - and that was the only downer to my day.
The group lessons are only for couples, and the private lessons are too expensive, so no dancing for me!

But Tanya signed me up for a Tai Chi class, which will be on Saturdays, and a Boot Camp from April to June on Mondays, so I will get my sport :)

And tomorrow we will start for real on our big project in Creative Writing!

And now I'm skyping with my mom, so I'm signing off! :)


  1. Appreciating Martial Arts, Tai Chi and the Boot Camp for you - excellent choice !!

  2. 'Who cares about the grade as long as I'm passing?'
    Wow! Imagine that coming out of your mouth one year ago!
    You learned a lot already!


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