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Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Game Day

I'm running out of blog titles, guys, seriously!

So yeah, today there wasn't much - after I was still awake at 5 a.m., I put my alarm clock on 8 o'clock in the hope of waking up early and being tired in the evening, and of course slept straight through it.

I woke at around half past ten, still not too bad, and had a banana-peanut-butter-wrap, because they're delicious.

And then I played around on tumblr and twitter, chatting with Dorothea and Vroni, when suddenly on my twitter dash a tweet from the Rockets appeared: The awards ceremony was live-streamed!

So I plugged my headphones in, pulled my Math book to me and listened to the ceremony.
And believe it or not, but I got the most Math done - although I am seriously tempted to only do half of the exercises in each number, as they're so much repetition, and too much repetition makes me screw up (plus it's a lot of work).

A few things ... Colton Sissons, team captain, got MVP (most valuable player) and best defensive forward, I think, Tyrell Goulbourne got unsung hero - valuable guy whose points don't reflect that -, Damon Severson with top defenseman, and since I realize that all those names don't tell you much, here two which might be halfway interesting:
Myles Bell got top scorer with 92 points - and it's his draft year - and Rourke Chartier, who was the guy I talked to for the Censor This article, got Scholastic Player award and Rookie of the Year. He's mostly taking grade 12 courses as a grade 11.

And oh. My. God. was the embarrassment factor high with some of their speeches. Not that they messed up, but they were just so awkward... and yes, I realize that they're my age and that I'd be nervous as heck too, but that doesn't change the fact that I thought it was almost unbearable in certain moments.
I'm too emphatic in such situations, I just ... I don't even know. It's been pretty extreme all my life, though.

After that was done, we went to the grandparents, where we had ham for dinner and date rectangles and brownies for dessert and played Shangri-la - like the German Phase 10, and I didn't just win, I obliterated the others.

I had 20 minus points (2-8 count as -5, 9-K as -10, Ace as -20 and Joker as -50 and you have to fulfill a more difficult task in each round, from two sets of three up to three runs of four), and I had gone out four out of six times. I lost pretty badly the last time we played, so I was especially happy today (plus I was super tired, so loosing would have made me unbearable, probably...)

Yes, and I'm off to bed now, since my eyes are almost closing and burning...

G'night guys!

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