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Montag, 25. März 2013


Hiya guys!

I'm back!
And tired, even though I slept eight and a half hours ...

Well, I met Laura at the mall and we had lunch and spent two hours or so there, and then her mom picked us up and drove us to her house, were we talked a bit and where I taught her how to make those bracelets :)

We had Lasagna for dinner, and it was a super nice evening :D

We went to bed, but I read for another hour or so with a flashlight - it's a super interesting book Laura's mom has given me, My Stroke of Insight, by a Neurologist from Harvard University who suffered a stroke and was able to regain her whole brain and stuff and it's awesome!

Anyway, today Laura and me made chocolate chip pancakes - and I might have put too much choco chips into it; never though I'd say that! - and then her mom drove me home, I packed up my stuff and we drove to Big White.

We wanted to go skating, but the rink was already thawed due to the spring weather, so we just walked around for a bit, before the tubing hill opened.

Tubing was fun - but:
I injured my tailbone while horseback riding - I never did anything about it, but sitting hurt something fierce the first couple weeks, and I still can't put all my weight on my tailbone for extended lengths of time. But it was getting better...
And now I probably re-injured it. The the ground beneath the lift up was bumpy, and my tailbone hurts so bad ...
I looked it up, it's probably bruised, so I shouldn't do any sports for the next weeks. And since I'm anyway so far behind on the MMA schedule, I'll probably have to drop it.
It's not so bad, I need that period for studying chemistry anyway, but still.
It's kinda unfortunate...

On the way back from tubing, I almost fell asleep, I was so relaxed and felt awesome and had orange that was delicious ...

yeah, and since I'm like super tired, I'm gonna go to bed again

(Oh, the Rockets lost again :/ but the Ducks lost, too! So now only the Hawks have to win against the Kings tomorrow and I'm super happy all around!)

See ya!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Schön, Dich so relaxt zu sehen!
    I'm loving it ♥
    Hugs and kisses


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