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Samstag, 23. März 2013


Okay, I'm like officially totally scared right now.

There's a spider in my room (a relatively big one) and it was sitting on the ceiling (after crawling past me), but while I was psyching myself up to go and kill it, it disappeared and it's so gross and I don't know where it is and ugh.

So, I get shivers every time I think about going into my room, but I have to because I'm drop dead tired and yeah :/
And on my floor it's close to impossible to see a grey/brown spider, because the floor is grey/brown, too.
I'm sitting in the living room, listening to music ... so let me share a couple of things with you:

You know Just Dance?
Here it is for the xBox, if you want to laugh really hard - my favourite out of the three wearing sweaters is the blond one, although I'm a bit confused by his short hair...

And here something cute :D

Oh yeah, about the rest of my day:
I spent a good chunk reading, tanking up on the last solitude before being thrust into a whirlwind of activity - Sleepover tomorrow, Big White on Sunday, school on Monday (god) - and then we went to Pizza Hut.

Bob and I were dropped of at Prospera Place for the first playoff game.

Wow - it was intense.

And barely any of the playoffs today went according to expectations:

The Rockets played awesome hockey, but lost - after 79:10 mins.
Wait!, I hope some of you think, Didn't she say a hockey game has three times twenty minutes and five minutes of overtime before it goes into a shootout?
Well, yeah - regular season games at least.
Playoff games don't go into shootouts, they just continue on and on and on until somebody finally scores a goal - Andy said the longest game he's been to was 5 Overtimes of each 20 minutes!

The Rockets were defeated with 50.6 seconds remaining, but I can't even be too pissed, because it was some of the best hockey I've seen, with both sides coming out strong.
But it wasn't the goalies fault, that's for sure:
He made 45 saves, letting 5 shots in (That's really good still).

But Portland, the Winterhawks, had also a less than stellar result. It wasn't their fault for not trying, surely - the SOG (Shots on Goal) were 58-31 in favour of the Winterhawks - and the Everett Silvertips still beat them 4-3! As a comparison: We beat the Tips 4-1 (on Feb. 14, I watched that game!) and the Hawks beat us 5-2 or something like that. (Okay, we beat the Seattle Thunderbirds against whom we lost today 8-0, so that doesn't really say a lot, but still, the Hawks should have won ... the goalie was stellar with 55 saves - that's more than almost all NHL goalies make in their games!)

And the Edmonton Oil Kings at least got expected results - although they said "Go big or go home," defeating 8th seed in the East Kootenay Ice with 9-0.
One guy had 7 points, tying a WHL record for most points in a playoff game - 3G, 4A, and he was congratulated on it by Sam Gagner, who himself scored 4G 4A in a 8-1 defeat of the Blackhawks last year.

And Anaheim finally lost today! They were getting annoying and threateningly close to the Blackhawks after defeating them on Wednesday - or was it Thursday?

Either way, I'm gonna go and shake up my bed now, because I'm really super tired (and still spider-scared)

Good night!

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