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Donnerstag, 21. März 2013


At the moment all I want is sleep. I am so tired - I guess I will sleep all day tomorrow and do my homework in the afternoon/evening/night because of course I'm still not done. Stupid Math.

Today was just another eventless day where I read, so I won't bore you.

Just know I'm still alive :)

Instead I have a couple of links for you with pictures/things I thought were cool!

Look at that dog. He looks just like Dustin, don't you agree? It's Marshall Seguin, Tyler Seguin's dog (Seguin played for EHC Biel during the lockout), and the dude is of course Tyler Seguin.
Aaaaand: more of Marshall! This time with Seguins room mate Fred Gervasi, who likes to play instruments in just his boxer shorts and send pictures/videos to Tyler! (not joking)
See, he plays the Harmonica (even though Marshall doesn't appreciate it), or here is the video, posted by Gervasi on his twitter, and here he is with a guitar, posted by Seguin while he was in Switzerland (and Gervasi back in Boston)

Then I found this (just like all of this, on tumblr - awesome page!)

You know, if a kid says "tummy", it may sound more like "tubby" :D

Also super interesting: This picture and what the people wrote beneath it - I hadn't know that!

This short post about gender equality is also great. I guess the guy never saw that coming! 

And seeing as I am slightly hungry and it looks delicious, have some bacon!

And did you know this about Hogwarts?

Here something for you:

And truly amazing - I saw her performance life on TSN:

Can you see the black puck on his white stick tape?

And that's it from me for today!

Sleep well, guys!

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  1. Gute Nacht und schlaf gut! Ich wünsch Dir schöne Träume (endlich!)!
    Hugs and kisses ♥


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