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Freitag, 15. März 2013

Forgotten Blog

I don't believe it!
I didn't post yesterday - I am so sorry, but I totally forgot, and by the time I remembered it was 4 a.m. and I was in bed already with my alarm set for 8 a.m.

I'm actually just kinda waiting for the Rockets score - they're up 6-1 against Vancouver, so I think you'll get some pictures from me today!

I didn't do much yesterday or today, but I got outside for more than an hour each day!

Yesterday I went down to the shore, and today we went for a walk along the lake.

Since that was all - except that we had breakfast for dinner again today (I love it; there's nothing better than waffles with syrup, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon, not matter for what meal time) - here are the pictures.
Isn't Lake Okanagan beautiful?

Mission Creek park a week or two ago

Ducks in Mission Creek!

Kelowna from Knox Mountain

More Kelowna from Knox Mountain

Lake Okanagan and the Valley from Knox Mountain

industrial Kelowna from Knox Mountain

Sunset on Lake Okanagan!

Lake Okanagan Shore

very tiny: The bridge over to West Kelowna

The Ogopogo! Like the monster of Loch Ness :)

They must be so nice in the summer ...

The famous Sails :) They are a water fountain
in the summer

This bear is alight during the night!

So, I hope you liked the pictures!
And I'm super tired now, so I'm heading off to brush my teeth and stuff and then to bed.

Have a great weekend, guys!


  1. Ich freu mich schon auf's "Live-Erleben" - tolle Fotos ♥
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Kelowna is just SO beautiful! <3

  3. Thanks for taking us for a walk :-)
    Had a busy week, so I didn't comment, but read every entry :-)


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