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Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Late night writings

Since I can't possibly use my time like a responsible teenager (hah! Does such a thing actually exist?), I of course did things the wrong way round today.
I started my day with a pulled-pork sandwich and some ice tea in lieu of a breakfast and milk, read all day long, went outside after dinner and ended up writing after skyping with my mom.
Okay, I did skype for almost four hours (two and a half with Dorothea and an hour with my mom, while I was trying to figure out how to choose my subjects ... boys that's a tricky thing!)

And even when I started writing, I didn't do my Creative Writing project, but a fanfiction prompt (I did fill two short prompts today though, as part of the 3 Sentence Ficathon, where you're given a prompt and have to write three sentence fiction about it), and only got onto my project at around twelve. Seriously.

Now one and a half hours later, I have written 2,700 words, in part new, in part just copied from my Journal, and I feel amazing.
Writing is such a great way to get rid of the day's pressure!
So, I wrote 2,700 words (almost exactly, the word count without title says 2,703) about how I learnt English, and as usual, I couldn't help but dive a bit deeper into the language.

I even resisted the chocolate calling out to me and had a banana instead!

And since somebody complained yesterday about not getting any Hockey (yes guys, I was just as surprised as you are right now):
There were three, I repeat three (!!! 4!!) shutouts today, all three of them 4-0.
And I was right (for the immediate future at least): The Oilers used the pretty good win (except for how they let the Hawks come back after leading 4-0, and didn't they know that the Hawks once toppled their opponent after being down 5-0? Very risky indeed ... but that was the 2009/10 regular season - after which they would go on to win the Stanley Cup) to shut out the Colorado Avalanche, so it was doubly satisfying - the Colorado Avalanche, while they have a good-looking, nice young Captain, swept the Hawks 5-2, and I actually root for the Oilers as long as they're not playing for the Hawks, so yay!
(The Oilers are indeed promising, with a lot of young talent... but they're missing the veterans from which these young players can learn; in Chi-town you had for one Sharpy and Adam Burish and Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook as "older guys" and for two Kane and Toews that came into the fold at the same time and clicked immediately, and Edmonton doesn't have that... although they do have two #1 Draft Picks, I think, plus the most valuable World Junior Championship player ... but most days they're just all over the ice, and not in a good way ... disjointed, passes not connecting, turnovers, giveaways... they could be really good, but they're still so young!)
And Vancouver, for whom I'm only cheering because of the geographical location, also won! 2-1 in a shootout.
Carolina shutout Washington, and I like both, but slightly prefer Carolina, and Nashville shut out Dallas - no preference there, tbh.
The Penguins defeated the Flyers after they had a lead, as far as I know, which is a bummer - I like the Flyers, even though Hawks fans usually don't (they played against each other in the 2010 playoffs) and Minnesota won again - also a bummer, they're now within 4 points of Chicago and have played one game less :/
I kinda really hope they lose the next and Chicago wins the next - they're not in the Chicago Division and it's too early to actually think about the playoffs, but maybe it wouldn't even be so bad if the Wild relieved the Hawks of being League leader - Hockey players are superstitious, and if I understood it correctly, the leader of each conference hardly ever is the one to carry home the Stanley Cup, and in Hockey the regular season doesn't really matter for more than determining who is allowed to compete for the Cup :)

So, and that's gotta be enough hockey, I'm like super tired here!

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  1. Hab schon gedacht, Du wirst krank - gestern kein Hockey! Dafür heute mehr als genug ;)
    Danke, Du Nachteule! ♥


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