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Freitag, 1. März 2013


And it's greatly needed - a lot of tests and stuff and so on and so on...

Well, anyway, everything's fine here, lemme tell you.
I've overcome my bad stretch more or less - the only pressure I still feel is having to choose my subjects for next year. It seems so absolutely early! But it's not - my classmates here got their course choice sheets the day before yesterday!

I don't know what I'm gonna choose, to be honest - as in, I'm not completely sure, and at the moment I feel like I'd prefer to stay at the GN.
We'll keep both options open, though!

Lara's friend, who is also a friend of mine, is getting her exchange partner today!
It's really exciting, and the only sad thing is that she'll be in Canada when I'm back again - in Calgary, to be exact, and if she'd been here while I was still here, too, we could have texted (since you really don't get by without a texting plan, it's so expensive!)... But I really hope everything's gonna go well for her - changing host families is nigh impossible if you are on a traditional exchange, I imagine!
Anyway, school was ... alright today.

We had cultural assembly, and Jan, the German from my Math class, and I went together since we came from the same class and sat with the other Germans. The theatre piece shown was really weird. Until the end I wasn't sure whether it was satirical or serious, and that was really startling.
Usually I love getting out of Math, but today was seriously inconvenient - we were writing a quiz (which I had totally forgotten about), but I could answer everything. It was just a bit rushed, so I wasn't able to confirm my findings :/

Well, the exam was bumped from Monday to Tuesday (yay), and ... I think that was it.
Spanish was even productive today - and I was asked "From which school did you go before?" So I was like "Eeeerr... a normal German one?" And the other girl looks at me "You're German?!" :)
I was mistaken for a Canadian! Yay!
(and my reputation as being the one to ask - I refuse to say know-it-all, because I try not to get into peoples' faces and volunteer too much information - is growing :) not that I mind...)

Anyway, if you're stressed, check out the most relaxing tune ever - it's really great, 8 minutes long, and I've been listening to it for a while now...

And my eyes are drooping now, so I'm signing off - it's anyway already later than I had intended to! :)

See ya!


P.S.: Even though no-one is interested in it: The Blackhawks are 18-0-3, so they're on a 27-game point streak (they ended last season 3-0-3) and at the moment on an 8-game win streak! And their start this season is a 21-game point streak :o
And 21 is almost 50% of the season (48 games) - 43%, to be exact! :D
Proud to cheer for the team (although the game was incredibly tight - down by one after the first, up by one - 3-2 - after the second and tied after the third... A beautiful pass from Toews allowed Seabrook to win the game - "I didn't know he would pass to me. He didn't even look at me once" I just tuned in to Over Time, as I was still doing my Spanish project before that :) )


  1. Klingt verrückt - aber wahrscheinlich halten Dich im September dann wirklich alle für eine Kanadierin.... Du hast Dich gut integriert ;)

  2. I absolutely love the fact that you keep telling us about Hockey - an ideal way to insist (without giving a sh.. about others)... know what I mean :-)

  3. And I absolutely love the fact that you're still posting every single day!


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