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Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Wins all over the place!

what was today?
I started the day with dismay:
After I had gone jogging yesterday without a jacket in short sleeves, it was snowing today. Actually thick flakes! And they were starting to cover the ground ... :/

So I hurried to the bus, and I don't know whether all the others simply missed it or didn't go to school, but we were two kids. Usually it's about five to seven.

First lesson: Entrepreneurship.
The guy I was complaining about took great care of being polite to me - or so at least it seemed to me. Well, we were both trying to be nice, because we do have to work together for a couple more months.
We split up the tasks for the presentation and showed our PowerPoint Presentation to Mr Kletke, who praised us for it.
And he also praised my Vision and Mission statement, saying "They're good. They're both too long, but they're so good that I wouldn't change it."
It wasn't all my "fault," the boys, I think, added one or two words here or there, but I am proud of my language, and I tried my best to use my skills in a way there, that would have at least a little impact on them.

Second lesson: MMA. Boxing!
After warming up, I was paired up with the most experienced Boxer, who taught me a couple of simple moves.
At the end of the lesson, I "sparred" with my teacher - he was of course holding back, but I was anyway sweating at the end of it.
"Don't just hit my gloves, aim for my head!", which I did. And I got a couple of jabs onto my nose, too, but he pulled them always before they could make real impact.

Lunch was too short. I got only half of my pulled-pork sandwich down before I had to hurry to Math!

We started on the next topic there, Radians. I have never heard of them in German, but it's not too bad. I'll just have to take a real careful look over the holidays.

Creative Writing was mostly free writing time today.
We had one exercise, "6 word stories" (for example: My biggest mistake was loving you. A story in six words. Or, my personal favourite of my own tries: It kills me to see suicides.), and after that we were supposed to work on our big project, but I rather wrote up what had happened yesterday where I ranted on my blog :)

I caught the bus home, didn't go to the mall, and I guess I'll do that on the weekend... I have to prepare for the Dragon's Den challenge!
I remoulded my mouthguard, and it feels a lot better now, to be honest.
Almost comfortable!

It's also not lopsided anymore...

But yeah, now to my blog title:
The Blackhawks kept me on my toes, to start with.

They had a 1-0 lead over the visiting Avalanche (whom they play again on Friday and all in all three times in less than two weeks!), but by the end of the first, it was tied at 1. And by the end of the second, it was 2-1 - for the Avalanche, and Andrew Shaw, who had scored Chicago's first goal, had left the rink due to a big hit.
Second period started great: Avalanche on a powerplay, put out 5 forwards, Bolland gets the puck, feeds it to Toews who scores a beauty. Tied at 2.

Then Sharpy, Patrick Sharp, second line center, is checked into the boards and leaves for the dressing room clutching his left arm (no official announcement as to his condition), but Chicago manages thanks to Daniel Carcillo to extend their point-streak - and their win streak.
Carcillo potted his first of the season with less than 50 seconds (49.3) remaining in the third period.

Now the Blackhawks have a couple of records at the moment:
  • longest win-streak in Chicago Blackhawks history (11)
  • longest point-streak to begin a season (24 games, 21-0-3)
  • Ray Emery, tonight's goal tender for the Hawks, is 10-0-0 this season, the best start any goalie in NHL history has ever had (no goalie has ever started a season with ten wins!)
  • They are second place for longest streak with one point - 30 games and counting (they left off last season with 3-0-3, so they're 24-0-6 over all). They only have to catch the Flyers of 78/79, I think, with 35 games in which they recorded at least one point...
And yeah, it was  tight - but they should have lost. Seriously. The odds were so against them - it wasn't just that neither Shaw nor Sharp could finish the game, but Marián Hossa was a late scratch with an undisclosed upper-body injury and Michael Frolik was sick...
So they were four forwards short by the end of it! (As a result Toews was on the ice for a team-high 22:57 minutes out of sixty, followed by Kane with 22:15, and as Toews's Right Wing Hossa and Kane's Center Sharp were out of the game, I think they even saw some ice time together :) which they don't usually this season)

Yeah, and then there was this second hockey game... Kelowna Rockets vs Victoria Royals.

And it should have been an easy victory, as the Rockets have a way better record than the Royals and beat them just a short while ago 7-2 or something like that.
That game... Andy, Tanya and Bob watched it live, and they said it was pretty lame... or at least not one of the best games the Rockets have ever played.

The best players of the game? Okay, Dylan McKinely (I think the best forward on the team?) and Madison Bowey (best defense man of the Rockets, has chances of being a first round draft pick this year.) And then?
Rookies Rourke Chartier and Cole Linaker (that are the two I have a picture with!).
They got the assists in the goal that tied the game at 2 in the second period, and after Bowey managed to tie the game at 3 with only seconds remaining in the third period and there was no goal in OT, Chartier saved the game in the shootout:
After five shooters on both side had all been denied by the goalies, Chartier was the only one to score at all!

And of course, Andy's teasing me ("Chartier got a point and we thought of you!") just because I was able to talk to Chartier and then wanted to share the information I had gotten (to make it settle down properly in my memory), so I was talking a fair bit about him (and Mr Wishlow, but that of course was ignored in favour of teasing me -_-) ... with things like "Guess who was in the penalty box!" ... Deadpan voice: "Chartier?"
Not really funny, sorry. At least not to me.

So, and tomorrow we're doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! :)

See you then!

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