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Dienstag, 19. März 2013


I'm so tired it's not even funny anymore, but all the more unable to sleep.

Like, my eyes are burning, but I just can't go to bed :/

Anyway, I didn't do much exciting today; I wanted to go outside but then there was hail [Hagel] coming down so I went inside again, starting writing my - well, not really midterm, but still - midterm report for KulturLife. In German, too, and I already have five houndred words or so and hope to get it out by the time the countdown says 200.

And then I watched the Blackhawks game, which was brilliant.
After they were basically killed last week at Denver, Colorado, they killed Colorado today.
The Avalanche had no chance with the Hawks being everywhere, and even though Patrick Sharp had been taken out by Ryan O'Bryan previously and that same player took out Marián Hossa tonight, the Hawks won 5-2, with three points each from Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.
And they were put on a line together today and made magic happen, like so often when they're out there together!

Toews has now exactly 1 point per game, 29 in 29 with 14 goals and 15 assists, and Kaner as 1.27 ppg; 37 points with 16 goals and 21 assists in 29 games - which is fifth best in the whole league.
Tazer jumped from 26th to 16th and the game was amazing.

We had one goal from the guy called up as Sharpy's replacement, one goal set up by Patrick Kane, then Hossa got boarded and Jonathan Toews tried to net the puck, but it rebounded and Kane scored from an impossible angle - he was almost on the goal line, it was really flat, so Toews got an assist and then the two of them got the assists on Seabrooks goal and Toews got one goal of his own - he'd been trying hard enough!
It's pretty unsurprising then that Toews was named second star of the game with 1 goal 2 assists and Kane got named first star also with 1 goal 2 assists and all of 22 minutes of ice time - as compared to Toews's 17-something minutes. And he also got named NHL second star of the day, so second best player of all of today's games, just behind a goalie who had gotten a shutout.

And now I'm off, just gonna lie in bed because I can't keep my eyes open anymore!

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  1. People need their monkeysphere, so do you.
    You'll get more sleep then.


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