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Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

Sun again

The sun is coming back up, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts - not literally, unfortunately, as both my tailbone and my knees are bothering me, but at least I feel better again!

So today was pretty unremarkable - I didn't do Math again, because it's so irrelevant for Germany, even my English Math teacher said so, we're just doing it differently, and I'm never gonna use this ever again!
I'm tempted not to do anything, as I'm gonna review that stuff again in Germany, but I'm not sure I want to destroy my overall score like that!

Anyway, once I got back from school, I took advantage of the sunlight still shining!

Here, this is my neighbourhood!

That's the drive way to the houses off the main street

looks unremarkable? That's my busstop.
No signs, no nothing - just the bus stopping every morning!

One of the many parks

Water fountains at every corner!

And a lot of trees. A lot.

And the newly installed play ground very near our house!

And this is so true - "Life doesn't have "pause"-button.
Dreams don't have a expiry date.
Time doesn't do vacations."

I forgot about that, and how ironic it is that it was
printed on the March calendar when it is so relevant right now!

And that's it from me - I found this wonderful song (ke$ha, you might want to listen to it) which is absolutely awesome!

And a short hockey update:

Out of seven games today, there were four shutouts. (The goalie denied any goals for the other team) Technically, there were five, because in the Vancouver game there were zero goals for both sides - both goalies had a save percentage of 100%, which is pretty rare - and the game was decided in a shootout, which doesn't factor into the actual goals per game, and there was another game where two goalies had 100%:
Edmonton vs. St Louis Blues.
But the Oilers finally snapped their loosing streak and chased starting goalie Jack Allen after only 7 shots on goal - it was 4 saves on 7 SOG, while Khabibulen (Oilers Goalie) made 43 (!!!) saves and the Halak, Allen's replacement, made 12.
Yes, the Oilers won 3-0 with only 19 SOG. Khabibulen was terrific!
And Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall both had 3 points, while the Nuge (Ryan Jeremy Noel Nugent-Hopkins, I'm not kidding!) had 2 points (1. Goal: Eberle from Hall and Nugent-Hopkins, 2. Goal Eberle from the Nuge and Hall and 3. Goal Taylor Hall rebound from Jordan Eberle). So to summarize, out of 40 players (on both sides) only three had points: the Kid Line! (that's what they're called)

Patrick Kane extended his point streak with two assists tonight - he assisted on both goals the Hawks shot to shutout the Flames!
The Hawks, who didn't have a single shutout since almost 2 years and none last year, have had 4 (!!) this season!

And the Rockets lost again in Overtime :/ They were so great in the regular season, and now in the post season they've lost 3/3 in Overtime! :/
They have to win tomorrow or they're done for the season! :o
Love from me,


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