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Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Nothing productive

After my late-night writing shenanigans, I of course didn't really do anything productive today, as I slept in to one. I had fully intended to stand up when my alarm clock went off at ten, but then I turned around and fell back into my awesome dream which I have of course forgotten by now. But ... what can you do when it's already one o'clock?

Well, I finally chose my Gymnasium Neutraubling subjects, wrote an e-mail to the other school's counselor because of a question, found a delicious sounding recipe for a treat, discovered that After Eight hot chocolate powder tastes really great with a bit of cinnamon, realized that I have basically my Creative Writing project done already (it asks for 5,000 to 7,500 words and I have 2,200 with my first text and 2,700 with the second one, plus the already written Feels posts which I will turn into presentable stuff) and started e-mailing with a girl attending Harvard University (she's super awesomely nice :) ).
Other than that ... oh, Andy got me a ticket for the last Rockets game of the season on Saturday!
So excited!

After that it's playoffs, and the Rockets have the home-ice advantage ... I'm so crossing my fingers!

NHL hockey wasn't really a lot today - only three games, but tomorrow there are 11, with the Blackhawks trying to put a stop to their two-game losing streak...
Looking forward to it!

And since I'm like super tired right now, I'm off to bed - honestly this time!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Die Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bombs sehen verführerisch aus! Hab das Rezept gleich mal vorgemerkt.
    So unproduktiv klingt Dein Tag gar nicht.....
    Hugs and kisses ♥


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