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Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Appreciation Post

Okay, first of all: I hardly can believe it.
I have 100 days already behind me, and only 200 left - exactly one third of my year is over now.
Somehow, it feels as though I got the idea to do my exchange year just yesterday - while in fact I had it (for the first time) in seventh grade and then again in eighth. Where has time gone? Why is it flying so fast? And wasn't I just sitting in Austria, compiling my resumée for my application for YFU - and I can't tell you how glad I am to have gone with kulturLife instead. You don't hear the best of things about YFU, so even though it is cheaper, it is exactly that: cheaper. Not less expensive. I wouldn't trade my organisation here and my school and my teachers and my hostfamily for anything.

And the other thing I have to 'celebrate' is: My blog just hit the 18.000 clicks! Wow, guys, it's making me really proud that so many of you are reading this stuff! (Or just clicking on it, although I really hope it's the former rather than the latter.) Keep it coming! :D

So, what have I done on this lazy Monday?

It was rather slow-paced - except for the copious amounts of homework I have gotten from my teachers!

First of all, Japanese. I took my test, feeling not prepared at all, but I don't think it went badly. I don't know, we haven't yet gotten it back (of course not). Then he heaped the Chapter 6 Manga, the Chapter 6 Workbooklet, the Chapter 6 Exam Preparation Sheet and some more practice stuff on me. When does he think I will be able to do that? Like, our days are planned from 8 am to 10 pm, I won't have any time for schoolwork, and Saturday I will most likely catch up on my sleep and Sunday is the German Christmas Concert!

Anyway. Second lesson: Spanish: It was rather enjoyable, but I got almost even more homework than in Japanese. But at least Spanish is somewhat easier. We have at least the same writing system, and knowing Latin isn't something bad, either.

English: Mr Derksen actually was ill, but instead of starting on my homework pile I opted to read. Not that I regret it, I was like really tired, but still.

Biology: Well... we did dissect our pigs today. Foetal pigs. With the umbilical cord (Nabelschnur) still attached. And they were smelly. But I think the worst smell was the preservative (Konservierungsmittel) mixed with Latex Gloves and Febreeze. Especially the latter was horrible. And I couldn't get the Latex smell out of my hands!

But now I can say, I touched the intestine of a pig. And the umbilical cord. And the liver. And the pancreas. And the gallbladder. And the small intestine. The big intestine actually was green!

Well, I couldn't take any photos, because a) it was really gross and b) I forgot my mini-SDHC at home. So, not memory card, no photos.

Well, talking about technology: I managed to bust my kindle USB-cable. Luckily, my phone has the same charger (mini-USB, as far as I know), but it's not really dead; there just was a problem with my laptop, as it didn't want to recognize my kindle. It wouldn't even let my kindle charge, and I was in the middle of filling it with delicious new stories! :)

Well, I rebooted my laptop and now all my problems are gone. So before freaking out, reboot. It actually does help.

I also finally got all my stuff for Vancouver together.
I still have that nagging feeling that I have forgotten something, but all that's missing is my wash stuff.
I have
High Heels
Anzug (Hose, Shirt, Jacket)

(Sorry for the Denglish mix, I just copy&pasted it from my conversation with Doro!)
And I guess I'm gonna head to bed in the foreseeable future. I want to catch at least seven hours of sleep, and it is already 9:20 pm. And my alarm clock will ring at 5 am.
Who again thought this was a good idea?

Have a nice week!
You'll hear from me on Saturday again! (Or, if you're lucky, on Friday already, but according to my stats and the comments it doesn't matter anyway... Have I gotten so boring?)



  1. Ich wünsch Dir eine aufregende Zeit in Vancouver - und vergiss die Schulbücher, Hausaufgaben werden oft überbewertet ;)


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