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Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Three nights left

Yes, it's only three nights left!
And Doro and I got to look at all the shoppers hustling along, trying to get their shopping done in time...

It's not as though we didn't get anything - Doro got a Cardigan (I think?) and I got a DVD set about the Canadian team in the Junior World Championship of Hockey, with the 2007 game Canada - USA on it (my favourite players played against each other, Jonathan Toews for Canada and Patrick Kane for USA), because it was reduced to $10 and it's five DVDs with more than 12,5 h of film and seven full games (1982 Canada-USSR; 1985 Canada-Czechoslovakia; 1988 Canada-USSR; 1991 Canada USSR; 1993 Canada-Sweden; 2005 Canada-Russia; 2007 Canada-USA) plus highlights from 2007s Canada-Russia Series, Team Canada's Best Goals and Highlights of the 1982 Gold medal game. All these games of course were won by Canada :).
And I got fresh shampoo, but I don't think anybody's interested in that...

Well, I came home by four forty-five, so we ate pretty quickly (stir-fry) and then went skating!
I didn't want to come, at first, because I don't have skates, but Tanya said I could use hers, so I came along. The girls' uncle, who was a figure skater in his youth, also came along, and first Andy and I only watched them skate (Andy hurt his ankle), before I joined them.

Figure skates and hockey skates are so very different, it's hard to describe. Since my last encounter on ice ended with hockey skates and on an indoor rink, I was a bit wobbly with the figure skates and almost fell a couple of times - but I did remain standing, in the end.

Stopping like skiing (Parallelschwung) is easier with them - or maybe it's just me getting used to ice. But anyway, I hadn't been skating for a long while, chatting with a girl I knew from my bus, when suddenly a girl comes up to me. I didn't know her, she didn't know me, but she invited me to join her and her sisters in a game of tag-on-ice. Bobby and Jenna came to see who I was talking to, and not five minutes later we all found us in a game of freeze-tag. It was really so much fun, even though the out-door rink wasn't empty, and we had to leave all too soon. But we did swap e-mails ;)
Afterwards we had hot chocolate at the grandparents house, and of course ended up chatting with everybody - okay, I was really quiet (which everybody immediately noticed... My talking problem has gotten worse), because I was really tired, so I only listened.

Well, that's it from me. I'm going to bed now.

Good night!

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  1. So ein Glück, dass Du doch noch aufs Eis gegangen bist - klingt nach einer Menge Spaß, den Du auf dem Eis hattest - Pfeif auf die blauen Flecke, die die unfreiwilligen Stopps hinterlassen!
    Gute Nacht, schlaf gut und träum was Schönes!


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