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Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Playing the Piano

I just have to share that right now - chances are, there will be another blogpost, but that doesn't mean I can wait that long to tell you that:

I finally jumped over my shadow and asked the music teachers at KSS whether I can use the piano when it is free. And they said yes! I also had a nice conversation - in German! - with one of the teachers, who is actually Chinese :) He even could say München and not Munchen or Muncen :D

So I got to play the piano. And it felt seriously wonderful - I almost cried because it was such a relief after 1 and a half month of no playing... The teacher said I could come in any time, as long as the piano is unused. I'm so freaking happy right now!

Well, what are my plans for the holidays? People keep asking me that.

Here's a lost (also makes it easier for me to keep track)

  • go skiing
  • meet Ashley
  • finish Biology work booklets
  • learn Japanese
  • finish Spanish presentation
  • read
  • celebrate Christmas
  • celebrate New Year's day
  • get caught up with my Journal
  • look at universities and scholarships (yes, I am seriously doing that. The counselor here are just really great, so I intend to make full use of that)
  • write two Journalism articles (NHL Lockout and Bilinguality and its benefits)
Wow... that's kind of a long list... Well, I still need to do two more Christmas presents, so I'm singing out.

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  1. Klingt nach ausgefüllten Tagen - übertreib es nicht!
    Viel Spaß bei allen Aktivitäten wünschen wir Dir ♥


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