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Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Tiring Tuesday

The Title, I'm telling you, is just for decorations.
I'm not actually that tired. I was, at some point, but at the moment I am more hungry - or maybe thirsty?
I should have written "Thirsty Tuedsday"!

Well, today... Was not so bad. I got my Biology score corrected, and I'm currently now on 101.6%, and I got my Spanish test back. In Spanish, we were supposed to give a presentation, but one of our group members was ill, so we'll do it tomorrow. And I, of course, rewrote that thingy again. But I couldn't help as the imagination and creativity was striking me!

I'm seriously tempted to stay up till midnight just to open the next sac of my Advent Calendar. But ... I won't. It's nicer to be opening it in the morning!

Tomorrow there is also a Biology test and me writing an essay for English (for our exam on Friday) on the agenda; the latter due to me not having any time (or hardly any time) on Thursday - School till seven, our newspaper comes out tomorrow in a week. And I'm not there.
I need to ask Mr Manderioli to save me a copy!

So, I hug you all from Canada!


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