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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

On Hold?

I might just put my blog on hold until something exciting happens, because all that I did today was sleep (till 11 o'clock, I hope I have finally caught up on my sleep, but judging from how tired I am, I don't think so... or my body is using the opportunity to store the sleep), read, finally settle my debt with my hostfather (got a new phone, had to pay :) ) and yeah... that was pretty much it.

Tomorrow, New Year's Eve, I will introduce Dinner For One, as a typical German tradition, to my hostsisters and their aunt - I don't know about the majority of Germans, but at least my family and I always watch Dinner For One oder Der 100. Geburtstag der Miss Sofie when we are in Ischgl, skiing, and since it is a German clip with English text, I don't see why not. The girls probably are gonna think it's totally boring, though, but I'm willing to deal with that.
Some of the exchange students are heading to a party at Big White or at least down town, but for those of you who remember me at our first Unterstufenball it might not be a surprise that I have opted to stay at home (decided to stay at home; sorry I had to use that fancy word :)) - I started shivering, feeling nauseous and got a headache, because there were so many people I didn't know and the music was so loud, so I'm kinda looking forward to just staying at home.

Can you believe that nobody here knows our chips flavour? They've never even heard of Ungarische Art, so I need my mom to include some of those in my next parcel. I think I've mentioned already that it will come a bit sooner than expected, haven't I?

Well, have a really good night,


1 Kommentar:

  1. Happy New Year - und tatsächlich, auch in Kärnten gab es "Dinner for one" - so vorhersehbar und lustig wie jedes Jahr!
    Die Post hat ganz schön was zu tun mit Dir! ;)
    Ich schick Dir einen dicken Drücker ♥


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