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Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012

One Hundred!!

Okay, I know I already made a post today, but here is a second one.
And this is a special post:

This Is My 100th Post!!!

Well, and we have only 10 days left till Christmas! Okay, you guys in Germany have only eight (seriously, you're nine hours ahead of us and celebrating a day sooner, so you have two days less!!) to count towards, and that's like really unfair!

Okay, so that were enough exclamation marks for a full post, I guess.

I'm feeling like bursting - I ate so much chocolate, it's hard to believe.
The girls and I were fetched by family friends, and we went to Boston Pizza, where I had Chicken Bites - I had pizza for lunch, and pizza once a day is really enough. It was delicious, though.
Afterwards, went to another friends house in Winfield, where we got pop - I settled with Pepsi, and the caffeine isn't letting me calm down now, although it at least didn't have any sugar - caffeine and sugar is always a dangerous combination for me.
Then we went up to yet another friends house, taking a look at his display of Christmas lights - impressive, I have to admit, and I was a bit miffed that I hadn't taken a camera, but I can't change that now.
We got Candy Canes, and went back to the friends of the friends' house, where the girls and I got sweets, and then the former went to watch a movie (Santa Paws) while I stayed with the grown-ups.
I ate waaay too much chocolate, seriously. Who is gonna clean the mess of me from the walls?
We got back to the house by 10 o'clock, and now I am tired, but also hyped up.

And since Christmas is fast approaching, I have something to get you into the right mind set - aren't hockey teams adorable?

Belfast Giants: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Chicago Blackhawks: Sing-Along Holiday Album

Aaaaand: Last but not least the
Edmonton Oil Kings: All I Want For Christmas Is You (again)

But it's all just HILARIOUS!

Have a very good night, and of course, a laugh, too!

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