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Montag, 17. Dezember 2012


Okay, I guess I'm bursting ... but the Chili was just delicious!

Anyway, today was school, I took my English test, Biology wasn't overly demanding (except that we have a test on Thursday which I will be hopefully taking after the holidays, because I just missed a bunch of lessons in which they were working on the assignment we have to hand in), but we've finally started with the nervous system, Japanese was okay, too, and Spanish ... well, our teacher was ill, and the technology didn't want to work with the substitute, so that's that.

After school, I went to Tanya's parents' house and let myself in, as they were still at the service, and then the whole family came home.
I would have expected it to be pretty gloomy and depressed, as it was a funeral, but everybody was really nice and there was a lot of talking, sharing stories and lots. of. food. 
Tanya'd made Chili, and I couldn't resist getting a second helping, even though I was almost full, and then there were treats from a German baker and I just had to take two brownies... and now I might well burst.

No chocolate for the next week, seriously!

I hang around mostly with the grown-ups, since the other children (okay,  they're one year younger and older respectively than me) were in front of their iPhones...

Okay, I'm almost falling asleep sitting here, I hope I actually will be able to sleep, so I'm saying good night right now!


  1. Hast Du die Völlerei hoffentlich ohne Verluste überstanden (bist doch nicht geplatzt, oder?) ;)
    Schokolade als Nervennahrung ist o. k. - aber nicht mehr!
    Schick Dir einen dicken Drücker! ♥

  2. Hi, hon,
    time for a little comment again - didn't appear neccessary to me the last days - you show such a settled approach !
    The eagle finally seems to have landed :-)
    Don't forget to be like unbelievably proud of yourself, - promise !?


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