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Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Learning Sunday

I hate Sunday's on which I have to learn. Fortunately for me, After tomorrow, there is Vancouver! And there is snow! (No picture, I forgot to take one and now it's already really dark)

I have already started packing, since I washed my clothes yesterday (the drier, apparently, was too hot; one shirt [I had washed two very similar shirts, bought in the same shopping trip, looking the same, only distinction the colour - and now the size.] and one of my sleep tops are kind of smaller now, but it's not as though it matters so much ;) ) and folded them today it kind of made sense.

Then I also finished my Japanese writing booklet, as we need to have that completed to take our exam tomorrow; if we don't have it completed we're not allowed to write the exam, resulting in a zero. (Fortunately, I was almost finished and only had one writing exercise left to do) And now I'm more or less reading up on "Of Mice And Men", because while I have indeed read (would be stupid if I hadn't), I'm not sure I can remember everything, and presents in quite a nice way (there is sarcasm involved, so it can't be bad, and Mr Derksen recommended the site).

I'm struck again and again how awesome it is that I can actually speak English - and I don't mean this in a show-off kind of way, but the simple fact that we can speak and that we can learn a second language, that we can share thoughts, even though there must have been so many accidents and so much chance involved and it's just ... English is so easy for me now, almost like German (it fluctuates, actually, I have periods where it's easier than German, and then I periods where German is easier, and then I have periods where I can speak neither, which always sucks), and it's just so amazing that we, a heap of cells, a heap of molecules, atoms, quarks if you want to break it down completely, a heap out of stuff that probably would fill way less than a schnaps tumbler if we broke up all those powers keeping it together (the powers that bind molecules, or the powers that keep the atom core 'united' with the electrons), that this heap out of inorganic material can actually see, hear, feel, think and share these things, that's just so unbelievable for me sometimes... and I'm seeing, I'm boring and confusing you with all this weird stuff.
I don't even know where it's coming from, so I will push it onto the fact that I'm still not really all the way healthy (I'm tired, for goodness' sake, after 9 hours of sleep!), and I'm actually quite glad I could write it down now.
Oh, and I haven't actually read through it again, so I take no responsibility for how understandable it is!

Otherwise... Oh right, I played 'Just Dance 3' with Bobby today, and it was actually pretty fun! :o
Yes, I can't believe it either!

Have a great start into the week!



Okay, it seems as though I won't be taking my English exam tomorrow, my teacher said he might be sick (not feeling well - bad time of the year, seriously!). Not that I mind.
That I don't have to take the test, I mean.


  1. Du hast ja philosophische Gedanken aufgeschrieben, manchmal ist es wirklich unglaublich, wie wir funktionieren!
    Ich wünsch Dir eine aufregende Woche in Vancouver!
    ♥hugs and kisses ♥

  2. Wenn ich auf Deinen Counter schau: 100 Tage schon rum, 200 noch vor Dir.
    1/3 ist schon rum, Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht ;)

  3. Let's Dance? Don't you mean Just Dance? :D
    I love it! Beeeest <3

    Tomorrow Vancouver!


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