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Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Final Friday

So, now we finally have holidays, too!
And the world didn't end - who is surprised? Nobody at my school.
And yes, I will be sure to wear flowers in my hair ;) (Anybody else know that song? About San Francisco?)
The lockout continues - have I told you about that? Well, I am making a new post about that right now, you can find it later on - I tried to put as many pictures in as possible :)

About school, though:
School was a total waste of time today:
English: Day After Tomorrow - I can't say much about it, as I was reading :)
Biology: I met Krysten at the water fountain and we walked to Biology together, only to realize that hey, there is a sheet hanging on the door proclaiming
Block 4
Biology 12 students
Go to Mr Strachan's room
So we go to Mr Strachan's room - and are the only two. Since I need to drop my things off at my locker, Krysten follows me, and we end up in front of our classroom again, because, hey, we're Block 3 and not 4! But Mr Strachan found us and sent us to his classroom, where we were still the only two people from our whole class!
Apparently everybody else had pulled an all-nighter at the grad sleepover from yesterday! We finally left the class maybe 10 minutes later, Krysten going home and I sitting in the hallway, reading. Lunch I spent reading, too, and exchanging gifts with Laura - everybody was very happy about the owls, by the way, Mom! - and then Japanese I spent ... who can guess? ... reading, correct! But seriously, I have seen the middle part of Castle in the Sky already, although I don't know where.
In Spanish we continued with our projects, and yeah...

Afternoon... nothing special. Just hanging around, enjoying the first few hours of HOLIDAYS!!!!
Oh, and Lara's package finally arrived today! I was so happy! It took exactly 12 days, which is rather good - especially since it was a surface parcel, if I'm not mistaken.

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