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Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012

Life Savers

Wow. I seriously haven't been on the computer at all today. Sure, I've been reading on my kindle (Spanish teacher ill again and the substitute didn't care), but I didn't even open Thunderbird this morning!

Okay, so I don't have to write the Biology test till after the holidays - I missed last week where they were working on the first workbooklet, and while we did have a bit of time yesterday, we were mainly talking about the new pack of notes, and then I missed today's lesson, too, because I am the only grade 11 in a grade 12 class - which means I was the only one gone when all the grade 11s had to go to the gym for a presentation.

It was pretty interesting. Life Savers want to raise awareness for suicide, and it was really good. And emotional. And everybody paid attention. And it wasn't uncool to actually care and participate. This also answers my questions, why we aren't doing such stuff in Germany: Everybody would just mock those standing up and actually doing something, so I'm guessing it's better we're not doing anything at all. Nobody would take it seriously. But students here ... they are so much more serious about such things! And it feels great to be part of such a community.

What else... My English test is way better than I thought it would be - I thought it would be okay, but okay means... 40 out of 46 - and I got 44/46!
Jep, I'm definitely satisfied with that.

I beat Bobby and Jenna at Rummy today (which is one of the reasons I wasn't on the laptop. Mum, you can be proud of me): I had, at the end 53 points minus on my hand - and still beat them 332 to 93 to ... Bobby didn't count hers. I took the whole stack of cards, right up to the last one, after we'd been playing for ... 20 rounds?
It was a lot of cards :)

And everything outside is covered in snow, we have about -6 to -2 here :) It's great. And luckily, I don't have far to school.

Have a good rest of the week! (Three days left! Then HOLIDAYS!!!!)

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  1. Ich bin stolz auf Dich - in vielerlei Hinsicht!
    Du machst das alles so toll! ♥
    Hugs and kisses aus dem verregneten Minikin!


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