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Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Living Nativity and IT'S THERE!!!

Okay, I stayed home today - nasty cough and dizziness are no fun at all - and (hopefully) slept off my cold. I only cough sometimes now!

In the afternoon there was a surprise: My Parcel arrived!
The gifts are already under the Christmas tree, and I can hardly wait for Christmas day!

In the evening we went to a living nativity (Krippenspiel) and it was ... nice. But I miss home... Kind of. Not really.

Bobby and Jenna beat me squarely at Rommé, and I kinda regret teaching them (no, joke of course!)
Tomorrow there is the Christmas party with the Internationals, and I will probably start packing my stuff for Vancouver.
I will leave my laptop at home, but I will take my Journal (I hope to catch up with writing, I haven't written a thing for almost two weeks now!) and I will of course take lots of pictures. Doro and I are sharing a room! (And a bed. It's two pairs a room, apparently.)

Well, that's it for now. Remember: Soak my words up! No posts from Tuesday to Friday (more likely Saturday, but that depends entirely upon how tired I am)!

Hugs from an entirely too warm Canada,


1 Kommentar:

  1. Da sag noch mal einer, die Post wäre nicht schnell, es hat nur 12 Tage gebraucht!
    Bei uns ist es richtig kalt (-5°C), Schnee ist zwar noch nicht wirklich viel hier - Du weißt ja, "Donautal", aber ein bischen überzuckert ist es schon.
    Ich wünsch Dir viel Spaß bei der Party und gute Besserung weiterhin!
    Hugs and kisses from Minikin!


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