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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Game Day

Okay, so today I finally was halfway productive - I finally caught up on my sleep (hopefully) by sleeping almost 12 hours, I started on my Journalism article, I ordered a few more things off to give my mom all the more reasons to send that package soon and ... I played Rommee with Bobby and with Bobbie, Jenna and Andy. And it was really very enjoyable!
In the evening, we watched Percy Jackson - a good movie, although I missed the beginning.
I don't know whether I mentioned it yesterday already, but my lazy days will be over the day after tomorrow, so I need to enjoy them as much as possible!

Babette and I will, as I probably have already mentioned, meet up in the mall on Thursday, and she will come back to my place after, so I'll probably end up showing her a game off my Gold Standards, because we plan to attend a Rockets game in the near future, and I need to show her how awesome that sport is!

That's it for today, guys, I'll be back tomorrow!

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